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  1. Oh one last question: I couldnt download the file but I have this pic. What I couldnt find is the thickness(type) of the woodply that is recommended?
  2. Hello all, I haven't been here for a year or so. I am planning to do a QP bin using 15c drivers. The last time I looked here was a zip file named v2.2. Is this the most updated version after my absence? If there is an improved one, can anyone here point me to that link? Your help will be appreciated.
  3. Welborne

    Solid State amps known to sound good with Klipsch

    Like you, my amp search for Klipschon and La Scala is over after I have stumbled across the Wiener tpa3118 class d. I am even selling my all Tango-stuffed built in Japan Vt25 se amp and a few other tube amps.
  4. But that's the problem of most ribbons even something like Raal. Horses for courses...
  5. Sorry for double posting, something wrong with the cookies
  6. Where do you find $145/each?
  7. Where do you find $145/each?
  8. Sensitivity too low I guess. Only 92db
  9. Mariusz, Can you tell us why you have two layers of QP? Or one of them isn't QP!
  10. Welborne

    possibly the best of tubes and solid state

    Anyone here also tried the Wiener tpa3118 by Gmarsh on diyaudio?
  11. Thanks, I am actually eyeing on this G1 too. They have 102db in sensitivity though, do u think it will work?
  12. Thanks! I myself also already a B&C DE120 with a PRV tractrix horn. I cant say I am not happy. But everytime I read the Lampizator and Romy the Cat blogs where Raal ribbons were mentioned I couldnt shake the word out of my head. Just curiosity had gotten the better of me.
  13. Welborne

    Advise: New amp for my Klipshcorns

    My mistake.,Yes its Wiener Tpa3118. The chips 3116,3116d2,3118,3118d2 etc are indeed the same chip inside in different packaging and thermal solution. Please by all means explore and I want to see how you feel about them. I won't say they sound like tube and when I say that it means I do not use tube as necessarily a reference standard for "good sound". The Wiener tpa3118 has something unique in its sonic presentation that makes it a wonderful pairing with Klipschorn/La Scala. In the past many people described Tripath as having a sound between SS and DHT, but I think a well executed tpa3118 deserves that crown even more. You may like it, or you may not be as enthusiatic as I am with them, but they are really worthy of "having a closer look"