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  1. Many hobbies result in finished projects that have more value than the sum of the components involved. Skilled execution has value, especially because not everyone possesses said skills.
  2. @Thaddeus Smith @Khornukopia Better?
  3. Ok, I will see if I can fix it.
  4. @Khornukopia I don’t think so?
  5. The time has come to have my annual meeting with my insurance agent. I have my home owners and all of our vehicles with the same company as the savings are significant. During this meeting the request to catalog the contents of our home will undoubtedly come up. Assigning a value to these contents for the most part is fairly straight forward as most are common consumer goods. However, the topic of my DIY stereo system has been a grey area in previous conversations with my agent. I can calculate the value of the individual purchased components, but how do I value the finished product. Certainly, time and skill need to be calculated in the total value of these items. Unfortunately, due to fact that I am a hoarder of my own creations I have never sold any of my DIY items. One suggestion my agent had was to have someone appraise the value of these items. I would assume that someone involved in similar cottage industry with a history of sales would suffice, but I don’t know for sure. Have any of you ever encountered this situation? I would think heavily modified components would also fall into this category to some extent as well. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. Thank you, I am the fourth so i am legally attached to it. The kitchen in my house stores several types of beer, bourbon, wine and many delicious foods that are prepared on a daily basis. My family gravitates around this space in our home. The home in the video really is very cool, however, the kitchen should have been the pearl of that great space. my wife and I do grill regularly too, so a good outdoor space is important too. There are many days the grill and the kitchen are operating in tandem. Music in these spaces is an important element. I need to work on my outdoor system!
  7. Super cool conversion, tons of great spaces and room. Plenty of space for a dedicated listening room somewhere in there. But the kitchen?
  8. A bourbon/whiskey thread, interesting. In the tech mod section at that. Is that the common denominator? Bulleit is what really turned me on to bourbon about ten years ago. For the price, delicious. Rye began as my favorite, however I bounce back and forth now. I have always enjoyed wine and beer, but a good bourbon goes a long way with complex flavors. While this his thread was fledgling I was still working outside tonite, and enjoying a few glasses of makers 46, with one ice cube. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one.
  9. @moray james just curious, what modifications do you perform to these units?
  10. Thank you! I have probably around ten hours or so of listening time in so far. I really, really like what I am hearing.
  11. Thank you for all the kind words. The attenuator and selector is from khozmo which is the component division of hattor. This attenuator alone is amazing, but it really shines with the ACF-2. The casework is is a passion of mine, it allows me combine metal and woodwork. I get better with every project. while this pre-amp may not present a sonic improvement to every system, it has greatly improved the sonics of mine.
  12. So... after what feels like forever I have finally completed this build. I had to make many changes along the way, but I am happy with the final product. After A great deal of listening I decided the SP-14 circuit was not the best for my system. Too much gain. So I sent it on it’s way and went a different route. In the spirit of keeping this system all tube I opted for a ACF -2 octal from glassware. This is a buffer. There are many options for tubes, but I decided to use 6sn7. I was originally splitting my source signal to an amp for my speakers and sub. This sounded good, but now it sounds much better. The bass is cleaner and my speakers have an increase in detail. I am very happy with the sonic results. I would definitely recommend this project to anyone running multiple amps or driving long cables. The best best part is I can toggle between sources again without having to change cables. That was getting annoying.
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