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  1. What a cool video! Those people are artists. The glass work looked effortless, however I suspect many years of practice has gone into that process.
  2. Great, now I am thinking about them again🤔
  3. Good. I can stop thinking about them.
  4. No.4

    ZXPC 11 x 17 horns

    Sale pending.
  5. I have been using a spin clean and have had good results. I also use the project carbon fiber brush for a few revolutions before the stylus drops.
  6. No.4

    ZXPC 11 x 17 horns

    @mopardave Yes I do.
  7. I’m not sure if the dark stain would have been as interesting in some of the other areas were the grain is spread out. I feel that stain brings out detail in tightly grouped grain. When it is spread out it looks like stain on plywood, just not quite right. Oils help the plywood because they just subtly highlight the grain. I’m a fan of oil though. Great project by the way. I picked up a pair of Heils when they were on sale with this in mind.
  8. That’s only 3 hours from me!
  9. Indeed, Every time I contemplate a new speaker project I return to these threads here and on diya that Chris has started. I do not have the knowledge to implement a MEH project on my own, but I believe the MEH will be the ultimate speaker. I just can’t justify any other speaker to replace my diy la scalas. I really hope the MEH project develops into something within reach.
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