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  1. I’m not sure if the dark stain would have been as interesting in some of the other areas were the grain is spread out. I feel that stain brings out detail in tightly grouped grain. When it is spread out it looks like stain on plywood, just not quite right. Oils help the plywood because they just subtly highlight the grain. I’m a fan of oil though. Great project by the way. I picked up a pair of Heils when they were on sale with this in mind.
  2. No.4

    Belle Arkansas $500

    That’s only 3 hours from me!
  3. No.4

    ZXPC 11 x 17 horns

  4. Indeed, Every time I contemplate a new speaker project I return to these threads here and on diya that Chris has started. I do not have the knowledge to implement a MEH project on my own, but I believe the MEH will be the ultimate speaker. I just can’t justify any other speaker to replace my diy la scalas. I really hope the MEH project develops into something within reach.
  5. No.4

    U-turn Orbit turntable w/upgrades SOLD

    You have a PM.
  6. No.4

    U-turn Orbit turntable w/upgrades SOLD

    What records do you have sale?
  7. That’s too bad, it’s super cool.
  8. Don’t know, but that is really cool. Buy it. edit: looks like a GE.
  9. Nice! Looking forward to the finished product. I am planning on something similar with my Heils. I may play with the dimensions but keep the internal volume the same though.
  10. No.4

    ZXPC 11 x 17 horns

    These should be about $30 to ship inside the US.
  11. During a listening session last night I finally took the opportunity in between records to check the alignment of the stylus. Using a Hudson hifi alignment mat it was obvious the stylus needed some adjustment. I did a quick “in the field” adjustment, and the results were promising. A great deal of the distortion was gone, but not quite all of it. After work tonight I pulled the table and brought it into the diy lab. I made a fine tune to the alignment under sufficient lighting and utilizing a magnifying glass. It was actually pretty close. I then adjusted the VTF to 1.75g (actually 1.72) feom1.95 ish. Rechecked everything else and took the table back to the listening room. I’m happy to report the distortion is gone and I am getting very clear sound! I am planning on experimenting a little with the vtf to get a better sense of the true range of this stylus, and see if any more improvement can be had. This has been a good learning experience for me. Apparently great sound from vinyl does not come easy. Or cheap. It appears to be worth it though.
  12. I did clean my new LPs. Couldn’t hurt.
  13. These are the same drivers Bob uses in the ct120 tweeters. The horns are not a drop in replacement. I believe the drivers will fit the k77 horn with an adapter, but I have not confirmed this. I used these with my diy la scalas aligned with the mid driver to aid in time alignment.