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  1. I like the miter, it’s easier to do than it looks.
  2. Line Magnetic Audio?

    That is a much more realistic price range, especially for the 300b. Like I said I really hope they can make successful venture out of this.
  3. Line Magnetic Audio?

    Like so many “high end” products available for this hobby I just cannot get over the price. Don’t get me wrong they look really cool and 8 300b tubes for each begins to add up, but $150k a pair? With so many modern affordable options for me, again for me, I’m not sure the nostalgia for the brand is enough to justify that. That said, I wish the new owner of western electric the best of luck. It is cool to see once extinct giants rise from the dead. I just wish there were some products in the price range of us mere mortals.
  4. Those are looking great! Very nice work.
  5. K-401 horns on the bay

    I was told when I called about two or so years ago that I could purchase the horns. However I had to purchase the entire top half of the LSII including network, enclosure etc. This was also if I had serial numbers of the speakers that were now missing these parts. Unfortunately this was going to be significantly more than $50. Needless to say I found some going another route.
  6. I wish to use an example of another product and the aftermarket directly related to this product. Most of us are familiar with the very popular product that goes by the name of Jeep. This is a product that has been around for many decades and has endured many engineering changes and improvements over time. Note; not all engineering changes are improvements but they are measurable changes. Whew got that out of the way. Anyways, this is a product that a person with the right skills and ambition can build completely out of a catalog. When I say completely I mean they could build the entire vehicle using absolutely no parts ever manufactured by Chrysler, amc, Daimler, fiat or whoever. But this finished vehicle will be considered for all intents and purposes a Jeep. No body gets butt hurt that it was not made by Chrysler or that it’s top engineer did not put the last ceremonial drop of oil in the crankcase. The after market is embraced because all in all whether you must have a bone stock vehicle with the original dealer sticker in the window, or a trail machine with more scratches than DJs record collection you share a common interest. The point is, who cares if someone built their own speakers, I built mine. I am here every day reading posts and contributing what I can. My input and others still drives new customers to klipsch. It creates excitement for the brand. I am a klipsch customer too. I am also a woodworker and enjoy a challenge. I want RF7IIs , I will probably buy them over building them. I apologize for this post becoming a rant.. enjoy your klipsch whether they be the design or finished product.
  7. I’m not sure how to respond to this post.
  8. This is the tech mod forum right? I believe that opens the door any and all interpretations of the original designs.
  9. Line Magnetic Audio?

    Your room looks like the size of mine. Nice collection of gear!
  10. Vaping

    Thank you. My favorite are the people who walk around with their vape devices around their necks on a lanyard. This statement has taken the place of a pack of smokes rolled up in a greasers sleeve. however I suppose I wouldn’t want to deal with the hassle of reaching into my pocket either. That’s just too much work.
  11. Vaping

    You will yield slightly better results through the k401;)
  12. Veneer, you have spent so much time making the perfect belle bass bins. Go the extra mile and use beautiful veneer. When I built my last scala clone cabs I planned ahead and veneered the inside of the top and bottom panels that mate with the doghouse before I attached them and them I veneered the inside of the side panels too before they were attached. It was a big time saver and the seams are perfect. Then all I had to do was the outside and the front edges. Easy. Veneer if taken care of will look better and better over time. As as a note, I have never been a fan of black speakers. Wood looks like furniture and a work of patience and passion.
  13. Those are looking great! You are making solid progress.This is when a project like this starts to get fun.
  14. Jubs clones gets top hats

    I think they are really cool regardless of what you want to call them. I have been contemplating building a pair myself and these are very inspiring. However the last thing I need is another project or huge pair of speakers. I would really like to try out a two way speaker. So tempting. Maybe over the winter. Maybe.