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  1. I went back and forth with diy methods of cleaning my LPs, Ultimately I decided to purchase a spin clean. I have been cycling albums through periodically throughout the day today and yesterday and I have to say it get them really clean. It also seems to remove any static. I have been cleaning mostly albums I am familiar with, but I have also found a few Gems that I have never heard. If I clean and listen to at least one side of each LP as I go it may take awhile. I also bit the bullet and picked up a Onzow stylus cleaner. It works perfectly. I am listening to benefit by Jethro Tull right now after a good cleaning and with a clean stylus and it sounds awesome 😎
  2. Right now it is set at the max recommended weight. I am planning on bringing it down to the actual recommended weight and adjust from there.
  3. I will do some adjusting and see what happens. Clean LPs and stylus have definitely helped. I am a little excited about adjusting this table. I am very comfortable making finite asjustments to equipment similar to this. It is well inside my comfort zone. This is experience is definitely showing me what I want out of my next table. I am really enjoying going through the LP collection. The only downside is it takes me twice as long to browse at the record store because I am looking for both kinds of disc now🤔
  4. No.4

    B&C de120s and prv elliptical horns

    Saturday morning bump
  5. I received a digital stylus pressure gauge last night and immediately did some measuring. The VTF set at the pro-ject factory measures 1.955g. Ortofon’s stated range for this stylus is 1.5 to 2.0g with a recommended value of 1.75g. While 1.955 it is just inside the range, would it be recommended to adjust closer to 1.75g? Even if this deck is setup correctly already, this is good exercise for the inevitable next.
  6. No.4

    ZXPC 11 x 17 horns

    Carl, I will check and get back to you. Thanks.
  7. No.4

    To Pre or not to Pre

    The MKII sounds good, but the 64 step relay version is much better. sorry OT.
  8. No.4

    To Pre or not to Pre

    Buy the Khozmo. The new ones are sonically invisible. I may get another one for a pass/Korg project I will be starting soon. As for the gain from a preamp....it depends on your amp and source. I did not need gain to drive my amp and adding gain ahead of it made the sound harsh. It sounds better with just the khozmo. I will be pulling the gain stage (and selling it) to replace it with a buffer. If I don’t like that it will be just the khozmo for me.
  9. For sale is a pair of B&C de120s with PRV wg16-25-b elliptical waveguides. These were in use on my diy La Scalas with a 5ish watt SET. They sounded great with my eliptrac 400s. $130.00 or best offer. Located in Carterville IL buyer pays actual shipping.
  10. No.4

    ZXPC 11 x 17 horns

    As the title suggests 2 ZXPC horns 11” x 17” with 2” throat. $50.00 plus actual shipping. these are relatively large so shipping may be pricey. I have the adapters for the k55 drivers that I will throw in with bolts for another $10.00 located in Carterville, IL. photos coming soon
  11. I have some tools en route....
  12. Survive...... finish 2 preamps, possibly build a new set of speakers. Maybe build a 300b amp. Maybe. Work on, and actually use my former money pit Jeep. Do the 400 things around the house I have not done after doing the previous 500 that I, yes, have actually done. It never ends.