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  1. If I can find some quiet time in the house today I am going to take a few measurements to see if there have been any changes to the response of AMTs after some use.
  2. I would like to build on my above comments and talk about the imaging of this configuration. The more “critical” listening I do, the more soundstage really shines. My previous horn setup had very good left to right imaging. The soundstage had a little depth front to back but it was rather limited. The AMT and waveguides however, have excellent depth, left to right and floor to ceiling presentation. A good recording appears to be very three dimensional. This offers a much better live feel to the music. I did a little experimenting with the position of the AMTs in relation to the front edge of the bass bin to see or hear if it had any effect on the soundstage. Surprisingly I did not think there was a huge benefit in my room to have the AMTs all the way to the front edge. This was somewhat of a relief because now I would not have to have the waveguides hanging off the front edge. Positioning the AMTs closer to the middle of the cab I was getting great instrument placement much closer to the floor on some recordings that I never experienced with my previous horns. The depth is very welcoming on most recordings, I was listening to a Mozart recording I enjoy and it was definitely benefiting from the improved depth. With the lights off and the volume up you could trick yourself into thinking you were in the audience.
  3. I see what you like about it. This album has a lot of classic genre influence, and it is recorded really well. It will give your system a good workout. Good bass and tons of imaging. Most of what I listen to is Indy, It’s good to find new. There is so much great new music out there.
  4. The Michter’s bourbon is delicious, I would highly recommend it. The rye which which is what I am drinking now is also very good, unusual for a rye though.
  5. Luckily my apocalypse reserves of the staples, Evan Williams and old Overholt are very strong at this point. However, I am down to one glass of Michter’s..... so yeah I will have to venture out. Maybe.
  6. I listened to “right now” on headphones and liked it. We will see.
  7. Thank you, I will be listening to This tonight!
  8. I have really been enjoying this set up all week. I am not sure if the difference I heard standing is due to the back wave interacting with the front of the waveguide. There is a difference standing and sitting, but it does not eclipse the experience at the listening position. The AMTs do many things very, very well, and mine are still breaking in. Big thanks to everyone involved in this project! @Rudy81 @Chris A @Thaddeus Smith I have some finishing material in route (hopefully) to finish off the waveguides. They are keepers!
  9. No.4

    More on.Corona Virus

    Very sorry to hear that. @Rudy81 get well, and get home soon!
  10. No.4

    More on.Corona Virus

    I have not seen him post in a few days. Maybe @Thaddeus Smith has heard from him?
  11. No.4

    More on.Corona Virus

    All outer packaging gets thrown away outside after it sits outside for two days. I have mixed up a bleach solution that I will be spraying down the outer packaging a day before I open it going forward. I have been disinfecting my mailbox with bleach every day as well. I received an order from mouser that will be sitting in the garage for awhile until I am ready to take every little bag out and clean with bleach. Then every component will get cleaned with 70% isopropyl before being soldered. Getting gas for my mower was an event. I opened my cans, and my gas cap before touching anything at the pump. Then, I put on one glove. This was for the pump and the key pad. Once done the pump was hung up and the glove was thrown in the trash at the pump. Then a good scrub down of both hands with a disinfecting wipe, and the handles and door handles and debit card. I don’t think it is paranoid. Unfortunately it is all necessary. Sadly each time we get mail, a package, groceries or gas our incubation clock potentially resets.
  12. No.4

    What I Got Today!

    Wow, that is a solid piece of gear. Very cool!
  13. No.4

    Are You Jealous?

    I saw a similar display at a local Walmart around Valentine’s Day. Simply terrifying.
  14. Bills, this is not a gift. It will more than likely not be enough for the people who really need this. I feel for the entrepreneurs that are seeing their life’s work burn to the ground right now. This may cover the current two week shutdown plan. Unfortunately I don’t think two weeks will cut it.
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