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  1. I finally got around to make a little saw dust. I have a lot more to do, but it’s a start. These are 12” wings.
  2. I have pair that are from roughy 1972 that see daily duty. As far as I know they have the original diaphragms. I can’t say for sure though because I was manufactured in 1977.😀 outside of the diaphragms I don’t see how you could damage the magnet assembly.
  3. The 3 does as well.
  4. Schitt modi 3. A generic usb to micro usb that I probably bought from amazon label pictured. And the Apple usb to lightening camera adapter pictured.
  5. I have the modi 2 or 3 I can’t remember right now. I am using the USB cable with the camera adapter. Works perfectly with my iPhone XR and an old iPad. It is worth messing with. edit: when I get home tonight I can post exactly which cable and adapter I am using. It works flawlessly.
  6. Very cool. I will have to stop in the next time I am down there for work, or a softball tournament for one of my daughters. I guess you are close enough that I could just make the trip. I would like to hear Jubes.
  7. @Rudy81 I am taking the free moments I have to draw up some bases for the wings on plywood to get an idea of the size difference between the 7” and the 12” assemblies. My instinct tells me to build the 12” but they are significantly larger than the 7”. I think the 12” will match the bass bin better, but I really want to keep the heil as close to flush with the bass bin as possible. This will over hang quite a bit as seen in the pic. Some overhang is ok, but this may be a little much. My question for you is how big of difference did you hear having the heil set back as opposed to being flush or close to flush with edge of your bass bin? I know I need to just try it myself, but I would like to get your input before I make some saw dust!
  8. Take a look at the thread linked above. All the information to implement this is located there.
  9. I am going to experiment with the front wings overhanging the bass bin. My guess is the imaging will be a little better having the heil diaphragm flush with the front of the cab. We will see. The wings will hang out a little, but luckily my listening room is low traffic.
  10. Looking really good!! I really like the way the 12” wings complement the La Scala bass bin.
  11. When I first built my La Scala clones I had the K401 horns just set on top of the bass bin with no baffle. Without digging through threads I remember there being a distinct edginess to the sound that was not good. Multiple members recommended a baffle to mount the horn to. This worked well. YMMV.
  12. My progress getting my stacked wing assemblies cut and put together has been slow due to a new puppy. However, I was able to get a die made this weekend to cut the bases of my assemblies with the router. I really want to try the AMTs right up at the front of the bass bins so I need to have the front of the base open. The wings will extend out in front of the bass bin pretty far, but I have some ideas to keep the cantilevered weight stable. I will try to get some bases cut for the 7” and 12” wings and place them on the LaScala bins to give everyone an idea of their relative sizes.
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