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  1. WTB diytube get set go pcb

    Yeah I think a batch of these would sell quickly. I have been using the Clementine as my primary amp for a few years, I love it. I always thought I would build some of the other offerings as I had time. I waited way too long. I wonder if Shannon could be convinced to run some more?
  2. A long shot I know, but I know a few of you are into DIY. If anyone has one of these boards in their stash and does not plan on building it, let me know, I would love to have it.
  3. A pair of B&C DCM50s and maybe a Dave Slagle diy autoformer kit and also maybe an ACA kit if they are ever back in stock in the diya store. Ok, so I already bought the DCM50s. Should be listening to them tonight!
  4. Don’t be. That is what all speakers look like under the “pretty” final finish. Those look great. I know the eliptracs take some time too, don’t rush those. Though yours look good already.
  5. Chris, forgive me if I missed this in this thread or the one on DiyA but what are you planning on using as a material for the horns? Polyurethane? Another exothermic? Fiberglass resin layup? Very curious as I have done some small scale casting with polyurethane using high definition RTV for the mold. There are some very cool materials out there now for casting, always like to “hear” about someone’s process.
  6. I think many people would be interested in a molded horn with all of the driver mounts in place. Personally if there was a molded horn available at a reasonable price that could be finished by the builder I would be all over it. I check the the thread on diy Audio from time to time hoping for an update. Finishing the mold could be a good goal for the new year, hint hint.🤔
  7. Interconnects vs speaker wire

    This is what I use to make my cables. Dead quiet. Better than the Audio quest cables I bought. Much better. Solid copper center conductor is hard to find, but it’s out there. Monster cable made solid copper rg6 at some point. I think Belden still does. Rg6 is a great interconnect cable in my experience.
  8. Sure....... just kidding, those look excellent. I might not be kidding.
  9. I have some new schiit coming.

    This is intriguing. It would be great to see some in room before and after measurements. Measurements don’t tell the whole tale in my limited experience but I cant help but chase the missing detail (darn headphones) Price is right too.
  10. WTB metal grilles for Klipsches?

    I have heard a spray bottle works. But it takes persistence. Cats are jerks.
  11. Finished Quartets

    Those look great. Patio looks amazing as well.
  12. CD Player/Transport

    I really like mine. It’s built like I would build a component; like a tank. I’m very impressed with the quality for the price.
  13. It looks like it was worth the wait. Fantastic job.
  14. Show off your 2ch system

    One more.