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  1. Passive attenuator...

  2. amp teaser pic

  3. Anybody Tried Liquid Electrical Tape?

    I have used on wires in my Jeep. They have been through hell and back. It has held up well, but it is messy to apply. In my experience you won’t get the finished look of heat shrink but it’s functional. If you won’t see it under the hood it’s works well.
  4. Aluminum is conductive. I always make sure every exposed conductive part of the chassis is connected to safety earth. You can test the connections with a DMM to be sure.
  5. Haha, it’s not without a cost though. Every flaw in a recording stands out like a sore thumb.
  6. I’m bringing this thread back up in case someone references it down the road. A couple changes have improved the imaging dramatically. First, less tow in actually helped the center image quite a bit, but it also widened the soundstage. The biggest improvement came from larger format mid drivers. The two inch driver does so much for the depth of soundstage and overall clarity it’s amazing. I was hesitant because of the cost of admission but it is totally worth it. I know I may be lying to myself but I would say this speaker build is complete.
  7. WTB diytube get set go pcb

    Thank you but I have already built a clementine. It’s my daily driver. Great amp. I want to try the 300B version of the GSG if I can find one.
  8. WTB diytube get set go pcb

    Someone has to have one of these tucked away somewhere.
  9. Can I do this with a KG4

    The speaker overhangs the base like a heresy.
  10. Can I do this with a KG4

    Truthfully I am not a fan of the original either. They look more like heresies now. I will try to resize a pic so you will get the idea.
  11. Can I do this with a KG4

    How bad are they? I had a pair that looked rough. All components and motorboard were perfect. I covered the outside of the cabs with 1/2” mdf and re veneered with cherry. They look and sound brand new, and unique. Personally I would keep them kg4s
  12. WTB diytube get set go pcb

    Yeah I think a batch of these would sell quickly. I have been using the Clementine as my primary amp for a few years, I love it. I always thought I would build some of the other offerings as I had time. I waited way too long. I wonder if Shannon could be convinced to run some more?
  13. A long shot I know, but I know a few of you are into DIY. If anyone has one of these boards in their stash and does not plan on building it, let me know, I would love to have it.
  14. A pair of B&C DCM50s and maybe a Dave Slagle diy autoformer kit and also maybe an ACA kit if they are ever back in stock in the diya store. Ok, so I already bought the DCM50s. Should be listening to them tonight!
  15. Don’t be. That is what all speakers look like under the “pretty” final finish. Those look great. I know the eliptracs take some time too, don’t rush those. Though yours look good already.