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  1. No.4

    Crites A4500 networks

    Open to offers. I’m sure someone needs some A4500s.
  2. No.4

    Crites A4500 networks

    For sale is a pair of Crites A 4500 networks. These have always been driven with a 4.5 watt SET. In the picture one network does not have the connection sticker, never did. I’m sure Bob would send one out if necessary. Great networks. $200.00 obo $10.00 shipping lower 48
  3. Finally got around to checking mine. Basically same ish bottom, diy Scala 15c. Setting 9, -0. Sounds good in my room.
  4. No.4

    Internal wiring for DIY amp?

    Use appropriate voltage and current rated wire for the internal AC and DC. All twisted pairs. IEC inlet with solid ground connection to the enclosure. All exposed metal parts must have continuity to that ground connection. Small signal can be cat5 etc or tephlon covered silver 22-24 gauge or anything fancy like that. The speaker output can be anything. Oxygen free copper speaker wire will work.
  5. No.4

    New VTA ST-70

    Someone posted this for me awhile back, it works well without changing any wiring right off the batt. https://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_polaritycheck.php
  6. No.4

    VTA SP14

    How often do the L/R gain knobs need to be adjusted? I am considering locating them off the front panel if they only need to be adjusted on a rare occasion.
  7. No.4

    VTA SP14

    I have not read any other reviews of this pre that report noise issues. Has anyone else had any experience with this pre that can chime in?
  8. Last night I had some free time and decided to check out fastlane and see if there was anything new only to find it was gone. A google search brought up very little except for Al’s site. I really hope the horn kits will still be available. At some point I wanted to build another. Bummer.
  9. Tom Christianson at nuerochrome Audio makes a nice set of boards for the 300b. That will be my next project after a new preamp and probably before I ever finish my f5.
  10. No.4

    Pre amp or no pre amp for tube setup

    The source selection is a separate unit. It just has so many features built in. I used to have two separate boards and a relay to do what is all ready built in for the power function. When I start adding things up the price of the source selector starts to be a bargain.
  11. No.4

    Pre amp or no pre amp for tube setup

    Well I have shifted gears a little on what I want out of a preamp. I do plan on expanding to other formats at some point so having the ability to switch between them would be convenient. Of course a perfectly good rotary switch just won’t do so I am going for somthing a little more complex. Having a remote would be nice too. Not that my room is very big or my components are very far away, but it would be nice to have. I am happy with the Khozmo unit that I have used for volume control, but wow they have some interesting new offerings! After several emails back and forth to Arek the owner of Khozmo I decided on the foundation of what will be my new pre. I am going to use the new 64 step relay attenuator with remote and the 6 source selector. These will both be powered from a small power supply board. The source selector has a built in AC relay to switch power on to the amp section. Momentary switches operate the source selection and power supply. Everything has it own led outs for display. And there is a digital display. Once this is all put together I can experiment with whatever line level amp or buffer I want. The other option is to use it as a passive and bypass the pre section. I am thinking of using my enclosure that will allow me to add a phono pre and a DAC down the road if I so desire. I guess with six Chanel’s I could have a buffer and a line level amp in the same case and just switch between them. I do do want to test the cumulative effect of tube circuits. I am leaning towards the tubes for hifi sp14.
  12. No.4


    Ah bulliet. I bought a bottle several years ago because my wife needed some bourbon for a recipe. She only needed an ounce so i figured I would get something good to sip when she was done. I would not have expected it would turn me on to bourbon as my drink of choice. Since I have tried many bourbons and some delicious ryes. Bulliet rye is probably my first choice for a rye on a semi realistic budget. I have been scoring bulliet lately at 2/3 the local retail price though so I have been buying it more often. It’s too early in the day to be thinking about bourbon though.
  13. No.4

    Pre amp or no pre amp for tube setup

    Listening through my tube amp vs a MyRef Chip amp I notice a few things. Most dominant is the 3D effect or imaging. The tube amp kills the MyRef in this dept. the MyRef is accurate and sounds good but it just can’t touch the tubes. I don’t know if I would call the tube amp overly warm, but it sounds natural. How much 2nd harmonic is present I really can’t say. I know I have read all over the internet that many people prefer to combine SS with tubes or any combination of both. While many others prefer to be exclusively all tube or all SS. Both sides claiming there is a cumulative effect. I’m my situation I may have to find out for myself. I did forget to mention that the CD player is also driving a bash amp for my horn sub. Not sure how I forgot that or what difference it will make but there it is. I have read a little in the past about the B1 with the korg tube. It sounds interesting and I did not know Nelson had made it available. I have had a B1 board and parts in my project pile for many years. I never got around to building it because I was having so many failures with alps and tkd pots. That’s what pushed me in the direction of the Khozmo. I will try to source some measurements on the aikido today.
  14. No.4

    Pre amp or no pre amp for tube setup

    Not a definitive yes or no from all who responded. Like schu said I do worry about adding noise to my system. Right now it is dead silent and any added noise would not be acceptable. I have not read any reviews that mentioned noise, but I have not researched it as much yet as schu probably did. For the question of gain; does my amp have enough gain? I think so. It sounds very good to my ears. Should it have more? I don’t know. Would adding a hotter signal bring out more detail? Will it add more punch and definition to the bass? Would both of these occur at lower listening levels with a powered pre? Bringing out more definition and detail would be the main goal of adding another element to my system. Having a way to switch sources would be nice too, but I mostly listen to CDs. Decisions, decisions.
  15. I am considering adding a tube pre amp to my system, but I’m not sure if it will have any benefit. As always I am trying to squeeze any improvement out of my system. My system consists of the following. Emotiva erc3 CD player followed by a khozmo MKII attenuator feeding a diytube based KT88 clementine. My speakers are La Scala clones with the kappa 15c woofers, alk ES500/5800 networks, b&c dcm50 and de120, and Eliptracs. In my room I usually have the volume set around the halfway mark. I don’t necessarily feel like the amp can’t keep up, but I wonder if there is more. I have been lightly Browsing some pre amp designs over the last year but nothing really jumped out at me. My daughters have been wanting to work on an electronics project with me as well, so I started looking again. I want something simple for them to help me with, but also something worthy of the main system. I found the bottle head quickie which is simple and battery powered but appears to have some drawbacks. Then we found the aikido 12vac which seems perfect. Low voltage, a decent amount of gain, easy to find in production tubes and a decent price. I actually have a nice enclosure that this would be perfect for this amp that I built a few years ago for a light speed that I never finished. It can acomidate the Wallwart power supply and the Toroid. I figure we can start with the Wallwart then I will change over the power supplement to the Toroid later. Any ways...... I am looking for some guidance from some of the tube gurus on his forum. First, is this addition going to yield any better performance from this system? Will this addition of another stage enhance the detail, bass, midrange etc? Is this a question that can be answered, or is this a you will have to try it to find out situation? I should note that I will be using a khozmo mkII in this unit as well. Let me know your thoughts, thanks.