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  1. I wanted to build a get set go, but by the time I got around to it Shannon was no longer selling boards. Real bummer. I did build a clementine which has been my daily driver for many years now. Great designs.
  2. I typically use the IEC inlets that have the fuse holder and appropriately rated power switch built in as well. Everything I build is heavy, it is nice to not have to fight a cord while moving amps around when necessary.
  3. The ESNs went back to the scala bins, with the eliptracs and the heils. At least for now. I was using MiniDSP with the heils on the scala bins, but now I’m back to passive and one amp. Which is kind of nice. I need to dig around a little and see what my passive options are for the cornscalas. I would prefer to stay passive for the time being if possible.
  4. So now it is back to the drawing board so to speak for these cornscala bins. They are now in need of networks and a mid/high frequency section. I do have some 510 clones and DE-75s, so I have some options. Networks will be another story.
  5. Its been awhile, so, I thought I would finally update this thread. these have been finished for several weeks now and have been in the "testing position" in my listening room ever since. They sound great. I also forgot how much I liked the sound of the DCM-50s with the eliptracs A full on listening comparison ensued between the stacked Heil and the lascala clone bin against the cornscala bins with the DCM-50. to my ears the DCM-50 just sounds and images better. I needed a place to set the Heils while I replaced the DCM/eliptrac on the Scala bins. Then this happened. And this is amazing.
  6. It has been awhile, but these are done! I have not had a chance to get any measurements yet, but just listening these are killer. I forgot how much I like the eliptrac/DCM50 combo with the AMT tweeter. Imaging is awesome and the bass is super tight and fast. Well worth the effort. This has created another problem for me though. These were supposed to see duty in our living room for music and home theater, but now I want these to live in the listening room for awhile. Now I will need to modify and move my la scala clones into the living room. They are currently 2 way with the stacked ESS on top and using DSP. I cannot use DSP in my living room, so I am thinking of trying the stacked ESS 3 way above a mid horn with 2” driver. Easy choice would be spend all my nickels and dimes on another pair of eliptracs and some more ALK es networks, but neither are available from the OEM any more. So…. Lots of research to do there. I will post some pics and measurements as soon as I get a chance.
  7. My apologies, I was probably thinking of k510s. That’s what I get for too much multi tasking!
  8. I am wrapping up some of my winter projects, and starting up my spring projects for this year. I need a project for late summer, fall next winter….I plan ahead. I am looking for a K402. I only need a single, either version, preferably the mumps version, but not critical. A broken horn is fine. (I seem to recall a thread were someone’s horns either got damaged somehow or broken in shipping, those would work) I am in no hurry, just testing the waters. I would prefer to stay local so I can pick up potentially, but that is a tall order. Localish is okay. I am 2 hours from St. Louis, 2 hours from Evansville In and 45 minutes from Paducah. Before the end of the year I will potentially travel to south west Florida, southern Wisconsin and Atlanta. Again no huge hurry. I would of course consider a unbroken pair if the deal was right. Thanks.
  9. Thank you! Both. I used contact cement on the large panels, and heatlock for all of the edge banding.
  10. Thank you, me too! I still have to glue in the rest of the inside of the ports too. I forgot that in my last post.
  11. A little update since it has been awhile. The cabs are basically done. I need to build the back panels, but that is easy and will be the last step. I need to complete the internal wiring and mount the drivers, then they will be ready to bring in. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to mount the grilles, but that will be later. veneered back.heicveneered front.heic
  12. How close in diameter is the Crites woofer to the eminence? I left a little wiggle room on the motorboards for potential swaps later. Hopefully it is enough.
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