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  1. It's hard to find good copper fasteners. I have used some from plumbing fittings on a few projects with good results. Have you considered painting the horns copper? I have a pic somewhere of some black RF7II with horn painted copper that looks amazing. I have some copper Spraiy paint out in the shop that is very convincing. Just a thought.
  2. I would try to strip the original finish before sanding. Is the current veneer in good condition? btw, with a little patience new veneer on fortes would not be very difficult.
  3. Varathane makes a weathered wood accelerator, that might be what you are looking for. I have not used it personally but I think it gives the wood a grey tone.
  4. Super AA (Alk Jr) Exchange

    Best money you can spend towards the audio hobby. Seriously.
  5. I did not reset everything when I setup the measurement gear so the actual db reading may be higher. However these measurement s were all made together so the important part is the rising response of the tweeter by comparison to the other drivers. I'm still pretty new to REW, but it is an amazing program. The fact that it is free is even better.
  6. REW, a umik1 and a cheap amazon laptop.
  7. I have always had good experiences with PE. I do worry a little that the planars taper off in the mid and high teens, however that would be the opposite of what I have now. @John Albright I took some measurements of the frequency response as of today without all of the padding around the DE120.
  8. PE is watching us! These are on sale for $75 each right now.
  9. I don't want to stray too far from the topic of this thread but...A4500 crossovers, PRV horns, eliptrac 400/PD5VH, speakers in corners toe in slightly to blend just past listening position, walls treated with roxul rockboard 80 and 2" ultrarouch panels at first reflection and beyond. Could be a function of the horn, not sure. Planars that might work with a slightly modified heritage "style" crossover have some solid appeal. I am amassing quite the collection of replaced parts!
  10. These are the results of listening and measuring. Right now to make the DE 120 blend right I have 3 inches of ultra touch denim insulation placed at the bottom of the tweeter horn mouth. The ultrarouch attenuates the tweeter enough, but I think I am losing detail because the insulation is blocking part of the horn from the listening position. What do you recommend? please note that I did not say the DE 120s sound bad, quite the opposite. They just need to be attenuated.
  11. Tempting, very tempting. My DE 120s are very hot in my system.
  12. Cool project! Would you elaborate a little more on the crossover?
  13. This is from ear height at the listening position. Maybe the previous photo makes it look like the tweeter is really low.
  14. Haha, thanks. It was resurrected from the land of forgotten toys.