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Need advice buying an amplifier...


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I've got one of these things called a Clark TST (Tactile Sound Transducer) which I want to incorporate into my system. Not a subwoofer or speaker per sec, it's designed to be bolted to furniture or flooring to transmit vibrations via whatever they are hooked to. It's rated at 100W with 4 ohm load, and it needs a separate amplifier to drive it...(I can't just hook it up to my HT amp and be done with it). I tried running it with my girlfriends el-cheapo Technics surround sound amp (after hooking up the Technics amp to the "tape out" RCA jacks of the Yamaha DSP-A1).

Well, it worked for a short while but the amp (the Technics) kept "overloading" and turning off. I think the Technics amp may be WAY underpowered as far as this application is concerned.

I think what I need is a nice heavy no-frills power amp to drive this thing. Used would be preferable. Question is, where do I begin looking and for what precisely? Like a 100-200w stereo amp? Something that's bridgeable (since there's only one transducer, why get a two channel amp)?

Since this TST is rated at 4 ohms, can a regular amp be used or do I need something different to handle the 4 ohm rated load?

Would a monoblock amp work here?

Any suggestions how to get this thing rigged?


32" Hi-scan Sony WEGA

Amp: Yamaha DSPA1

Mains: '99 K-horns

Center: KLF-C7 & JBL S- Center

Front Effects: KSP-S6s

Rear Surrounds: KLF-30s

Sub: KSW-15

DVD: Pioneer DV-114

MD: Sony Mini-Disc

Recorder (Walkman)


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