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K 48's in 75' Cornwalls

tom b. 57

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I landed some Eminence 15" woofers (K48's). They are new old stock and according to my research, they were used in the ChorusI and II's.

I am pondering the idea of replacing the woofers in my 75' Cornwall's with them. My Cornwall's have a K33 and a K43 in them. I have wanted to put like woofers in them since my purchase of them in 2006, but have never picked up woofers until recently. The deal on the woofers was too good to pass on, so I got them.

Will these woofers work well in the Cornwall's? The difference in total cabinet size between Chorus and Cornwall is not much. I am hoping that these woofers will work well in the Cornwall cabinets.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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I am afraid that it would not be that simple. The cabinet volume, port geometry and crossover might need to be changed. First step is to find the T/S parameters and have someone put it through one of the modeling programs. That would at least tell you about sensitivity, cabinet volume and porting. 

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