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Paint finish on Klipsch Pro speakers


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Thanks. I haven't painted the original metal grills. Not yet anyway, I've been considering the idea of straightening them, priming and re-surfacing with the same paint. I cut out a new set of grills from 1/2 plywood and covered them with original Heritage fabric. These speakers were is rough shape with some water damage and all together abused.


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Not a lot of patience needed if you use the correct materials to prepare the surface. The key is to use high quality materials like Evercoat polyester primer and an epoxy sealer engineered for use by boaters to fix wood rot . These KP-250's were abused (probably left out in the rain more than once) and the plywood was delaminating along the edges. An application of penetrating epoxy handled the problem. It's a 2 part system that's thinned with acetone so it soaks into the plywood making it waterproof. A couple of coats of primer applied over the sealed plywood and some block sanding is all it takes to prep for the color coat. Sand able polyester primer is neat stuff.

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Thanks for all the replies... Splatter coated huh....wonder if Klipsch would consider selling them unfinished? I know that's how I got my Birch La Scalas some 39 years ago.

 BTW I did see these: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/162739-great-pic-of-a-pro-lascala/



Yes you can order  pro-line Klipsch unfinished. 

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