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Forte positioned alone without wall behind them in a large room.


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The loss will be below 50 hz or so.  The deep bass is still there, just lower in level.  The overall sound can be a bit imbalanced toward the strident side as a result.  


If you had a PEQ to work with, this would be what I would do: a steep high pass filter at 25 hz to protect the speaker; a boost of several db at 35 hz, no more than an octave wide to avoid boosting anything north of 50-60 hz.  I have to do this sort of thing for my stand mounted fortes, and it is a delicate balance.  Applying boost to reflex enclosures can very easily end up a ringing mess, but fortes seem to be inherently on the over-damped side to begin with, so they have some wiggle room. 


What sort of eq capability does your front end have to offer?

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I haven't set the system up yet, but I will be using a Onkyo TX-NR3007 with Odyssey equalization.  The system is going to consist of La Scalas in front, Academy Center, Forte II on the sides (the speakers without back walls) and Forte II's in the back with a HSU sub on one side and a M&K sub on the other side or a AVR MFW-15.  Any suggestions on the equalization across the board on the speakers and the subs.  Thanks in advance.

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