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Never turn the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 system off! Just leave it on 24/7.

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Hello all,

 I just bought a new ProMedia THX 2.1and there is no power(On/Off) switch. So this seems like the older 2.1 systems have the power(On/Off) switch.

In the manual, what is written is the ProMedia 2.1 should be unplugged during thunderstorms or any conditions that would cause an electrical surge that may harm the speakers.

There is no writing that suggest how to power on or off the system after it's plugged into a power source.

This indicates the system may be designed to be "On" all the time.

I suggest the system be plugged into a surge protector and to turn the Volume knob to the lowest level or until it stops this should prevent from static crackling from the speakers.

My main concern is that the system does Not have the ground lead on the power cable to ground the system in an event that an electrical surge in power may short the system.

The ground lead on the power cable for many of these home office system are missing which is very concerning because of the amount of money people spend on these systems.


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Hi all Klipsch expert. I'm newbie to Klipsch speaker and I've read lots of review that how good the sound quality the Promedia 2.1 first gen can produce. Recently I get one and indeed the sound is superb :-). My question to resurrect this thread is Should I leave it the Old 1st gen Model Promedia 2.1 On or should be off when not in use? I have a power converter 240v to 120v since I live in Asian country and the power converter there is a switch can be turn it off. Please I need your precious advice and hope you all can input the details for the power consumption when Idle for the 1gen model. thank you 🙂


I added the heatsink with the thermal sticker stick on the rear black plate and it feels warm when Idle. Do I need to add a fan for the cooling when Idle or always on? 

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