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Free Crazy Idea to Klipsch Product Management


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9 hours ago, derrickdj1 said:

To much emphasis is put on all matching speakers and woofer size.  The Reference line uses the same type of driver and timber matching is pretty darn good.  What a surround is doing in a multichannel system is providing ambient and directional cues.


If we went back 15 years to where surrounds were nothing but ambience, this is exactly right.  The problem is when we start having the surrounds being more and more aggressive.  In an ideal Atmos system, you want seamless 360 degree panning where nothing wimps out.  You can't fully achieve this effect by having 15+" mains crossed over at 500 hz to a 3" compression driver then made that with 4" surrounds crossed over at 1,800 hz.  Just not going to sound the same.  


I agree about the reference timbre matching, it's surprisingly close.  I've A/B'ed a RC-64ii and RP-450C as well as RF-7ii and RP-280F's.  On most material at low volume, it's surprisingly hard to tell the difference, I was shocked that I couldn't really tell if I wasn't paying attention to certain things that I knew would set them apart.  The noticeable difference is all about the tweeters, not the woofers.  You mix and match these all at the same time and crank up the volume and on some material you just can't turn the reference premier stuff off fast enough, the RF-7ii's are just way more pleasant and exciting.  There is in fact a noticeable difference but that has little to do with the bass response.  

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I can't comment on the RP line.  Metro, you are correct about the tweeter being most important in getting the seamless sound.  I am amazed that the SB at 5 1/2 can easily play to Reference with the RF 7 and RC 64 in the front stage. As far as 15 in. mains, that is why I kept my comments concerning the Reference line.  I am pretty sure Klipsch engineers thought about the 4 1/2 Atmos module and mating with the Reference or RP line.  To get the overhead effect, the tweeter is key.  Once again I'm commenting on a HT that uses or should use subs crossover appropriately.


I am an advocate that multiple subs are a necessity in the HT.  You don't need a ton of subs but, one in the front and another in the rear should cover most peoples needs.  My point was that it is possible to put together not just a OK HT using different size surround but a very good HT can be made using surrounds that have smaller woofers than the Mains and center.  I guess, why did Klipsch make the RC 64 II to pair with the RF 7 II or the RF 83 paired with the RC 64.  Different size woofers are used in these combos.  My comments aren't made with reservation, these comments come from personal experience using Klipsch various surround speakers.

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