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Review of Yaqin MC 13 S Integrated amp


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I have had a few question over the past few months on this amp.  It will produce the sound of a live venue with the refinement of a studio mix.  It is very user friendly for newbies to tube gear and rivals amps costing much more.  The company and product is very solid and can't be considered a risky investment.  After 6 months, I still get a grin every time  I use it. 

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I purchased the MC-13s as a back up to my old vintage H.H. Scott 208 power amp which uses 7591 tubes. I got it from a U.S. seller for a decent price i guess$550. I am very happy with it and im glad it's bias adjustment is done by the user instead of auto-bias. I opened it the first day i got it to inspect the build quality and was satisfied even though its not Point to Point wiring. But i want to do some tube rolling, preamp tubes that roll off the highs a bit, so if anyone know of 12ax7 or 12au7 that does this, please let me know, i don't really care for bright sounding amps like many of today s tube amps, they are a bit too detailed, that's what i like about the Scott 208 7591 tubes. I also added (4) 0-1volt meters so i can see what the voltage is in real time, its a simple procedure. I also added Temperature gauges on top of the meters that displays the temperature of the Output Transformers, i may do the same for the Power Transformer as well. It is now encased with thin plexiglass with 40mm exhaust fans to suck out the heat.  The up-loader wont let me upload a photo from my computer, if interested i can may be able to upload after i register. try the URL. https://photos.google.com/  https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMii8a6zzPXVkIbSD-icbB0uAeppDGkLvHUO7Sv

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On 10/11/2020 at 9:08 AM, seesurf said:

I have this amp and preamp both Yaqin. Bought it a year ago. I set it up yesterday for the first time. Hooked up to La Scala. "Nice" low frequency Hum coming from my speakers. Isolated problem to the amp. Any suggestions

Be sure all your equipment is plugged into the same wall outlet. I would not think the MC 13 requires a preamp. Try using without pre. I personally do not use both pre and amp being tubes. Both can be sensitive to hum and together possible too much. Remove and replace the tubes a few times. Possible a bad connection between tube and socket will also cause hum. Same for any connections other than tube and socket, input connectors, etc. 

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