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For Sale Forte II pair (and shipping boxes)


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I'm bumping this up because an interested party decided to go with some Cornwalls.


For sale is a pair of Forte II walnut oil.  Please see the attached pdf having information and pictures.


Type: For II WO

Serial Numbers 90056681 and -82


Condition is good to very good but not mint because of some blemishes in the riser and that one of the badges is bent.  The exception is that the back lower corner of one (the riser) is a bit mushed in.  The previous owner said he let it down harshly there.  Also, one metal  badge is bent at bit.


Otherwise the condition is impressive -- the veneer and drivers are in good shape.  The rear passive is in good condition on both.


I have the original shipping boxes.  There is a label from UPS stating they weigh 75 lbs (each).  Yes I can wheel them to Fed Ex or UPS office.


These are presently located in an office in downtown Chicago (just north of the Willis (Sears) Tower.   If you want you could drive by and I'll meet you at the curb.  I've got an amp here and you can audition but it is not much of a listening situation.


Price $750 but negotiable.  You pay shipping.


Contact me through the forum please.




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A couple of nibbles did not result in a sale.  So these are still available. Please see the earlier attachment for photos.


They are now in boxes in my apartment.  I don't have a car but there is a UPS store a block (long block!) away.  I can take them there on a hand truck for shipment to your abode.





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