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Question regarding performance of R-15PM with R-10SW


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Hello.. first post in the Klipsch forums.  Been a lurker for a while as I was shopping for speakers.

I'm looking for advice as I'm something of a neophyte when it comes to speaker setups.  Until now, I've really just used shelf systems, computer speakers, sound bars, etc.


Recently I delved back into the vinyl world and purchased a turntable.  I've been using it with my computer speakers but wanted to push it up to something better.  After doing quite a bit of research, and not wanting to go the full HT route, I chose to go with some Klipsch R-15PM bookshelf speakers and joined them to a Klipsch R-10SW sub.  The room I'm using this setup for is approximately 18' x 12' with 10' ceiling.

My first question. Upon first usage, I was somewhat disappointed in the sound.  The sound was something akin to "muddled".  If that makes any sense.  I was expecting to hear some higher end highs and of course lower lows considering the sub was included.  Everything seemed just kind of middle of the road.  Is this to be expected from the R15-PM?


Next question, is the R-10SW sub a good match for the R-15PM?  Or should I have opted to step up a size (or 2) on the sub?  

Follow-up question, is there a preferred setting on the sub to make it sound best?  I know it should be dialed in, but I'm afraid I'm just not setting it right to begin with..


Any insight or personal experience with this speaker and/or sub combo would be greatly appreciated.



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I have the unpowered version...the r15ms.  Also had a 10sw recently. 


If you havent already try turning them up a bit.  The horns once given some power should blare pretty good.  


The sub should send the response down to 35hz without room gain....as much as 25 or 30hz w gain.  Plenty for music.   


Make sure you have a crossover in place.  80 is Ok and 100 is probably better.  Not sure if you have a Umik or other measuring device to set the sub level relative to the speakers.  Let us know more details when you can.  You can use a phone app at worst to set sub level.  Use 50hz as baseline.  

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My experience with the R15pm is that it did not sound muddy, dark, or sloppy at all.   Make sure your sub crossover isn't turned up too high.   There are multiple articles on setting up a subwoofer that explain things better than I can, but you don't want the gain turned up too much, and you may need to play with the positioning of the sub.


The remote with the R15pm has a volume control for the subwoofer, so that works almost like a tone control from my experience.   I felt the R15pm with a small sub was fantastic in a smallish room.  I ran the same rig in two different rooms (it was a gift that I tested at home first) and I felt the system was excellent.  This is coming from an owner of a set of La Scala's, RF7ii, Monitor Audio, and a few other speakers.  


The r15pm, like others have said, is not top-of-the-line stuff, but it's definitely good.  Especially compared to a comparable soundbar at $350 (which also won't have a phono input)

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I use a set of r15pms and an r12-sw as computer speakers (ain't no kill like overkill). all i can say about the turntable use is to make sure the LP is clean (preferably washed and dried) and test the speakers with bluetooth and the same song to try to isolate where the problem is.

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I recently purchased the r-15pm speakers with the r-10 sub.  I have my r-15 plugged into my MacBook Pro VI's USB.  Unfortunately the subwoofer has no sound coming out.  Not sure what the the problem is.  And yes I've made sure the green light is on.  Please help!

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Go! Well, I have doubts about buying the Klipsch r-110SW or the 112SW! I want to join one of these 2 subwoofers with the Klipsch R15PM that I have connected to my sound card SoundBlaster ZxR getting a more than spectacular sound! Touching the sound of movie theaters.

I am sorry that you do not hear the subwoofer and the truth is that I do not understand it because you can not hear it. What I do recommend is that you have a sound card for your laptop and have a compatible Sound Blaster card with your mac like this one:
And surely you should listen to your subwoofer in addition to noticing better sound quality because the sound card makes amplifier.
You should connect it with a red and white double RCA cable from speakers to sound card and leave it LINE on the speakers.
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