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I am new to the setup of my home theatre system. I have  an AV receiver Yamaha A1060, RF260 floor standing speakers, RP250C, R14-S surround, R-10SW.


I was so careless that I didn't remove the jumpers when doing a bi-wire. While doing the YPAO with a mic on the Yamaha, the AV receiver shuts down when it was half way doing the calibration.

I didn't realised it was the jumpers, the receiver was showing "Check SP wire". I did the YPAO a few times (The receiver shut down a few times).


I just wanna to ask if I had damaged my RF260 speakers or its internal components?



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Do you think you did any damage?  Does it sound like you did?


Pass on the bi-wiring, you aren't going to benefit from it.  It only creates more of a hassle trying to figure out where an issue is and makes more of a tangled up mess with wires.

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