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PC surround system subwoofer recommendation

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Short version, need recommendations for a subwoofer for use with Klipsch Quintet 5.0 speakers to be used as a PC speaker surround system for games & music.

Full story:

My beloved Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 PC surround speakers finally bit the dust.  It might be repairable, I think it's the transformer (progressively worse humming), but the control pod has been barely functional for years, so time to get something new I think.  Except hardly anyone makes high quality PC surround systems anymore.  Logitech used to (Z5500 I think) but they discontinued and replaced with something much poorer.  So I've been cobbling together a system from parts.  I started with Klipsch Quintet 5.0 speakers that were on sale at Newegg for $239 (still are until Monday I think).  I searched high and low for a compact AV receiver, but nobody makes one - they are all standard audio/video equipment size - big..  But just by random chance I found a hybrid (tube/SS) barebones 5.1 amp that is small enough to fit on my desk. (Dared DV-6C if anyone's interested.)  So now I need a compact reasonably priced sub to accompany the system.  I watch no movies on it, it's just video games (hence the surround) and music.  So I want something crisp and clean - games do not rely on low frequency effects in the same way that movies do.

So looking for a compact, tight sub in the $200 range that complements the Quintets.  Doesn't need a ton of power, it will sit right under my desk.  Also should have a speaker-level input, as the 5.1 amp does not have any other outputs (I said it was bare-bones.  5.1 channel analog RCA inputs, 2 channel analog auxiliary RCA inputs, 6 speaker terminal pairs and that's it). 


Looks like I missed all the sale pricing of the Klipsch SW-350 as it has been in the process of being discontinued I think - that might have been perfect.  (SW-450 is on sale for $199 at newegg, but it's too big.  For reference, the old ProMedia sub was 15"Lx11"Wx12"H)

Any recommendations?

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1 hour ago, IbizaFlame said:

There's this one...$200.

PE sells those for $148.



PE also lists a similarly powered Yamaha for $198, same general slim profile design.




Here is the link to both of them.



I have not heard either sub, so please consider this research material and not a recommendation.

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Parts Express is definitely the place to buy Dayton gear.  Dave's link would be best there.  Many people enjoy their products and the design seems to look about what you're looking for.  As for the Yamaha, besides your observation about high current inputs, I've never met a Yamaha subwoofer that I've liked.  I've been through 3.  Haha

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You could always wait for something used, too. I see a lot of Klipsch subs around the 8"-10" range go up on my local Craigslist, usually as part of a listing with bookshelf speakers or something, that you could probably get pretty inexpensively. I got my subwoofer used, it's a Synergy Sub 12 that I paid $100 for. I turn my preamp's bass tone control all the way up when I play Star Fox Zero, and it's like you're there!

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