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I need speakers


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Calpod -

If you read all the posts, the concensus is to stay with the speakers you have and add a sub (I always like to state the obvious smile.gif) Being a Legend series owner, I'd have to agree. LaScalas are sweet (there I go again) and I would stick with them.

And since no one has mention it yet, I'll chime in and suggest you give a look at SVS subs. Plenty of testimonials can be found.

Lastly, you never clarified what you meant by "a more modern sound". That might enlighten us.

Tom Adams

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The input impedance for the sub will be so high there will be no power loss to your La Scalas.

In order to have a chance of keeping up with your La Scalas, you need the biggest sub you can find. I would not consider less than a 15". I have 2 HUGE subs, 42" tall x 21" square made by VMPS. They have a 12" driver, a 15" driver and a slot-loaded 15" passive radiator that's tunable. They are 12 dB less efficient than La Scalas. Both are in the corners and are powered by an amp that can put out 450 watts per channel. It is rumored NASA used several of these for sonic boom testing (VMPS claims NASA as a customer). They will barely keep up when I crank the La Scalas.

Both together can do about what one Klipsch RSW-15 can do on 1700 watts peak.

If you want deep bass when cranked, you need all the sub you can afford.


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I can only speak for the RF-3. The RF-3 give plenty of bass without a sub. Allthough from time to time it is nice to switch on the sub for extra bass.

In reference to chockstarfish I don't believe that Klipsch make as he calls it *&^% speakers.


RF-3's : mains

RC-3 : center

RS-3's : surrounds

Pioneer subwoofer

Amp: Yamaha DSP-A1


CD : Yamaha cd-565

Cables : Monster

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