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Should I upgrade or not???

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Why?  The 555 produces marginally less power and offers 2 sub outs.  It looks like a lateral move, at best.  Spend your money on rear surrounds and BluRay discs.  The FTC rules have been relaxed so amplifier specs are suspect and often exaggerated, now.  Ignore ALL ratings that do not specify xx watts/channel, 20-20,000 Hz at yyy% THD, ALL channels driven.  Other ratings are specsmanship.  Under approximately the same test conditions, your 706 produces 100 watts/channel and the 555 produces 80 watts/channel, an inaudible difference.  I did not notice any other advantage for the 555 except 2 sub outputs. 


It looks like Klipsch recommends R-14S for surrounds with your system. 

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As John said, unless you are getting much better quality of amplification, more required features, or something else you want in the upgrade, unless you are spending a lot more on the new receiver, the money is better spent elsewhere.  With that tough, if your current receiver is terrible (and you know it compared to the new one), then maybe an upgrade is in order.  Unless you are spending lots more though, it is usually a lateral move sound wise.

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