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  1. my cornscallas...so far

    Excellent finish. What is the veneer?
  2. 4 speaker stereo and pre-outs vs zone 2

    Are you hooking the pre-outs to the front speaker connections vs rear? If you are trying to manage the efficiency difference between the two via the receiver than you will need to use the rear but as you found out, the pre-outs or your new amp does not have the same gain as the internal amplifiers. That will be validated or not by hooking up the front pre-outs.
  3. RB-5 IIs - wow

    The base is perfect for RB-5s. Also will hold a Heresy without issues or used for a seat
  4. RB-5 IIs - wow

    Looks like the ones Parts Express sold that were 24" and can be filled with sand. Have a couple of pairs. Very sturdy.
  5. RP-280F cone rubbing sound

    Yes, noticed that +8. That is death to speakers and receiver. That is causing the receiver to put out almost 8 times the power than normal at bass frequencies. Easy to exceed power ratings along with overheat both.
  6. TAD 4002

    Just remember to be careful with beryllium. Hopefully no issues with dust or anything once molded into a diaphragm. .
  7. Cornwall II's for sale near me

    If in good shape and under $1K, seems they will be scarfed up. The good and bad, seems the older heritage speakers are going slowly up in price. Think the perception is Klipsch has raised the prices of the smaller in the line so high that the demand has been raised for old. That and the fact that you can get very close to what Klipsch sells now for 25-33% of the money with just some minor updates. Problem is many of the speakers are beaters. People are trying to sell them for good money because they think they have gold but they need a total redo.
  8. La Scala's

    Hit the nail on the head.
  9. Off Klipsch topic. VMPS speakers?

    Not much help but they were reasonably good, particularly when they had the larger ribbons. My worry is if the drivers go, mainly the ribbons / pleated drivers which are typically fragile, unlikely you'll find a replacement.
  10. The Latest in High End Audio

    A good D'Appolito configuration (m-t-m) when dialed in and reasonably time coherent can sound like one homogeneous sheet. I was always surprised when I had a pair that I had built dialed in and how they would just disappear as a sound source. Fully coherent, sound emanating from single location. Can be somewhat addicting.
  11. The Latest in High End Audio

  12. Klipsch K260 - 2-way capable?

    Looks like the combo would require quite a bit of eq on the high end at least. Not sure how the k260 will do with highs either but could be a fun project.
  13. 160M Replacement Drivers

    reconingspeakers.com has them in stock supposedly also.
  14. Speaker Wire 12/2 & 14/2

    Should be fine if it stays in the jacket and has well soldered connections. Forget it if you need to re-solder though.