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  1. pzannucci

    Beatles Sound Terrible on My Fortes

    Sgt Peppers and White on original pressings sounded good. With any Klipsch speaker, care in system matching and room treatment is a requirement. Actual best Beatles sound I heard was on a VHS, when they came out with I believe "The Beatles" documentary. Started sounding like old mono record then cut into remastered stereo at the beginning. Nice, warm, and cozy (if you can say that about their music and sound).
  2. If they are real k-horns, they are one size minus the riser on the other models. I would think at most an inch off from the looks of the pictures
  3. If things in a speaker are not screwed in but glued, you know they didn't want you to service it or they did the work on the cheap. Caps add up in parallel. If you are within 5/10% you are probably as good as the company that built the speakers. Poly fill can be put into cabinet loosely as long as it avoids the drivers. Spray glue or some other sticky compound such as caulk can help it stay put.
  4. pzannucci

    I've loved Klipsch all my life but.....

    Hurrican said Loved, think this is just plain lust. Very high maint.
  5. pzannucci

    Differences between woofers

    Spider and surround will greatly affect keeping the cone aligned, particularly when having large excursions. They can also affect the excursion, FS, overall compliance, ability to return to resting position, and VAS among others. The overall parameters are based on the combination of magnet strength, voice coil, cone weight/size, and suspension parts. https://www.eminence.com/support/understanding-loudspeaker-data/ might be helpful reading.
  6. pzannucci

    Amplifier Clipping

    That's a slippery one. You may not be able to hear soft clipping and not notice it until you are firmly into hard clipping distortion.
  7. pzannucci

    I've loved Klipsch all my life but.....

    Better yet, new prices.
  8. pzannucci

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    If you do want to raise them, I found about 8" off the floor, angled but within close proximity to the wall. Got a better presentation and still recovered a fair amount of boundary loading for the bottom end.
  9. pzannucci

    squawkers: really need to replace?

    Good advice. Also listen for things like rattles or vibration sounds, Reposition, tighten, replace as necessary.
  10. If you are the typical listener, you will want reasonable bass. Considering the bookshelf speakers you mention may be a little shy of deep bass, the typical remedy is to add bass. The bass addition takes many times the normal amount of power thus will drive the amplifier out of it's comfort zone (called clipping). Much of the time this can be heard though not always. Typical result is fried tweeters or less likely, blown woofers. So the under power isn't really an issue. The under powering ends up in over exerting on your amp which fries things. Best way to deal with this is as Westcoastdrums states, don't add but subtract. Buy enough woofer for the room size or a subwoofer, to avoid the typical stresses created by over taxing your main amplifier.
  11. The risers have corner blocks in them (at least mine did at the time). You can use a threaded rod with a nut to basically make spikes to raise them off and lock them to the floor. That's what I did with mine. Worked great. May help.
  12. pzannucci

    Bob's 600Hz horn

    Patents anyone?
  13. No placebo effect. You are heading in the right direction. These small tweaks will make a significant difference.