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  1. One good thing about the KLF-30s, if positioned correctly, unless you have to have bass under 25 hz, you probably don't need a sub. The key is the room and positioning. A little bigger box and it would be flatter down there though.
  2. The impedance won't tell the whole story. Listening does.
  3. Bracing if used judiciously (not eating up hardly any volume) is good. Adding much polyfill behind the woofers, not so good. May have gained a drop of extension with the counter effect of punch disappeared. The best thing for the woofers if you want punch and a little more extension is a bigger cabinet. No replacement for displacement as the old saying goes.
  4. Can't replace key years of brain development and learning in kids under 10 or 11 yrs old. It doesn't come back.
  5. It's just a bunch of garbage... Has anyone figured out the game?
  6. To say the least.
  7. NY was another world. Someone needs to push why there are 32+k deaths vs 8K (so far) for FL and TX combined. This keeps getting swept under the rug.
  8. Tongue and Cheek. Transparency is another weak spot.
  9. I'm sure they can count.
  10. Can't go away unless you can verify... Can't trust a sing source at this point. As they say, one lies and the other swear to it.
  11. Because of all the messed up tracking of numbers in FL. Percentages are seriously skewed.
  12. BTW, I'm not referring to the possible long term issues but the numbers/percentages are very questionable.
  13. How does this square with Florida's total mess up with numbers and percentages? I won't believe squat about anything in FL til they fix their system.
  14. There is no Putin, just a smoke screen that too many that pay attention to the idiots on Media believe.. It is 100% collaboration. They all should go so we can see the light of day from COVID otherwise we'll pay a much bigger price from this pandemic than we have already done. EDIT: was showing my age, said TV vs Media
  15. Wow things are looking up. 🙃
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