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  1. Yes, and based on my statement, Cornwall has more old school bass reflex tendencies. Many folks like that sound and I myself like more of a controlled bass that either the horn provides (too big for extension I require), a slot load more like a Frazier Seven, or correctly done passive radiator(s).
  2. Tighten up the bass on the Cornwall some (not too hard to do) and you might be surprised. You'd catch that fringe also with the reduced time smear between the tweeter and midrange. The real classical listening speaker is the k-horn locked in some good corners (likely Jub's too). Out of the scope here.
  3. The real key is how many db is it down based on the specs. Remember that is a +/- so on the bass it is typically the minus. That's why many manufactures document -6db or -10db point.
  4. Take 3db off the tweeter :-) Similar to the khorn review measurements. Very very nice mikebse2a3
  5. Seems they were probably 8 inches or so from the front wall. Who knows from the sides. I myself hated khorns when they were too close together and the room width would make it too close together. Seems too much was made of trying to use lower powered tube amps. I didn't see anything about using a high quality SS amp, particularly when John A's measurements talk about the low impedance which would require more juice compared to the results gained.
  6. This is something I really thought would have been helpful to the review/measurements though wasn't included.
  7. Thank you for the info. I hope the system continues to live up to your standards.
  8. chuck giza, I keep looking at the Carver Crimson 275 and wanting to purchase one though I hated the oven that a bunch of kt-88s become in a room. Does the Carver 275 actually run as cool as the advertisement and what do you have to say about it's sound with Klipsch? Not a lot of hiss or hum out of the 275?
  9. Not defending Stereophile though I thought the article wasn't too bad. My take away was you have to do proper matching of the k-horns to an amp to get the best results. That is true as in all set ups as I have said many times before, system synergy is key. The reviewer liked the k-horns very much once the right amp was used with them. Add to that they said the sound was very natural and very low distortion... How many people here have replaced their mid-range horn? The bass overhang didn't appear as a big complaint but I can believe there is bass overhang in particular rooms as the k-horn will load the room as many other speakers won't which means it will excite the sheetrock and room framing. Nothing new. On the sensitivity, that one is questionable though different measurement techniques will yield different results. The only thing I didn't like was the the tweeter measurements. A little messy. As John A stated when he measured them, he wonders what a set would do properly dsp optimized. Seems any big multi-way horn system would need this optimization if you want to eek the last bit of performance out of it, as many have done. Time alignment and some smoothing would make worlds of change to k-horns. Bottom line was at almost $15k, they were a steal.
  10. Thanks for the chart. Very helpful in visualizing.
  11. Since the sized don't match and you are further squeezing the output, frequency response problems along with pushing the sound through the small throat would likely provide some ugly horn sounding side effects. You could always try it and see. Maybe open the throat up to match better if you don't mind modifying the horns you have.
  12. I would not bother unless you just need a second set of speakers. You may think the high frequency on the RP is cleaner but for what you purchased the RB5s for, it wouldn't make sense to try and upgrade?? unless you sold the RB5s for the extra cash and just want to try something else. The RB5s are excellent for what they are and you stole them for $99.
  13. I have to agree. I am surprised my SO let Forte IIs in the house though they are half the height of the boxes I built. Cornwalls need to go on a little diet though the size of the front motor board actually helps define the bass. A total redo, to something like a Chorus III would be very welcome.
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