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  1. pzannucci

    SOLD Klipsch Chorus Walnut SOLD

    Thanks for the link.
  2. pzannucci

    SOLD Klipsch Chorus Walnut SOLD

    If you have a Windows PC, just open them in Paint and resize the pictures. Does everyone only use a phone now? Sounds like someone should write an app if so.
  3. Do they match the inductance of the Klipsch version you are trying to replicate? Comparable resistance?
  4. There is only so much you can do with that speaker, any speaker, without just having to go with a new speaker. Concentrate on room or electronics if you really want to stay with the Forte II. The one thing many people say is they want to improve the sound but they can't identify WHAT they want to improve. You want more sizzle, less sizzle, mids more pronounced and detailed, tighter bass. Being more specific may help identify the weakest link in your chain. Again though, you can only go so far until you have to upgrade.
  5. pzannucci

    Different ohm value on Klipsch Chorus II

    Glad you found the problem. Enjoy them since they must be close enough now until the new diaphragms come in.
  6. The bad part is that makes 100% sense as long as there is a good connection. Most would rather pay for the nice connectors. Jewelry....
  7. pzannucci

    Different ohm value on Klipsch Chorus II

    The only way to know is to take them apart again and try to reset them. Sometimes you notice something in the process. Also make sure you clean the slot for the voice coil. I use post-its since they are a little sticky.
  8. Agreed, PL Urethane based adhesives.are going on and never coming off.
  9. pzannucci

    Different ohm value on Klipsch Chorus II

    Take them apart and reset them. It is easy for the diaphragms to get set in the slot wrong when reassembling. As for the 5.3 vs 5.5, I wouldn't think it is a drastic difference, enough to hear though you should check each component before soldering to insure something isn't messed up.
  10. I use good quality silver plated wire cause I'm OCD. The straps aren't the best.
  11. pzannucci

    Klipschorn 2-way driver choice

    If done with flattening the bass horn, then I can see. I still think you want to be careful due to the bass horn mouth exit interaction at the higher frequencies. Although this may be more room / distance specific.
  12. pzannucci

    (KG4's) Sealing Cabinet Corners or Not

    I am not familiar with the KG4 cabinets but if they are wood / MDF vs some of the others like KLFs, It wouldn't hurt to pour some Tight Bond II in the corners. That will help seal and ensure the cabinets are tight.
  13. pzannucci

    Klipschorn 2-way driver choice

    The issue is the 400hz crossover required because the bass horn dies a little lower. Significant information posted over the past almost 20 yrs (OH MY!!!) of this forum on the subject.
  14. pzannucci

    New ? Bass / midbass on 2 way speaker setup

    I find that this is a tricky question and many times relies on the crossover roll off. A slower roll off with a crossover in the 300hz or so area, done correctly, can provide very satisfactory midbass if you have enough cone area in the driver crossed over to. Shallower slopes will change the midbass equation. To me steep slopes (24db) in the mid bass seem to loose the breath in vocals and other instruments, allowing you to notice the cut-off between the drivers much more readily loosing the real sound.
  15. If you have a small area, two 8" woofers (if you are choosing between those two) is best and will likely fill the space with reasonable bass output. You may need to add additional bass via system settings. A sub may be an overkill though I'm not sure if you want to bathe in the bass. If so, a sub will likely be necessary.