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  1. richieb, Should be killer.
  2. That sounds like what Tim was after. Similar to my HDACC and XDA that I can run the balanced to my amps and RCA to the subs.
  3. BTW, we suggested in the last thread to remove the grill on the second speaker so we could see if it was damaged. Can you provide better pictures of both?
  4. bobpni2, Why do you keep posting the same ad? Are you really just trolling?
  5. Looks like they would have variable attenuation using resistor banks vs an l-pad. Components must be under the panel. Theoretically like using a static l-pad but a bunch of them.
  6. I had a pair of Murano Audio P200s amps for sale in the Garage Sale section. Still have them.
  7. More pictures. The one covered and one not doesn't make it especially when the one covered has all the damage to the grill. It makes you wonder what is under there. Also keep it on this thread from now on. Doesn't make sense creating 5 others.
  8. Yes, I've become an IcePower fanatic, from Bel Canto REF-1000s all the way down to Pioneer SC-1222k IcePower derivatives. Excellent sound at all their price classes.
  9. Do you have Class D Crowns on the higher frequencies?
  10. How many times have you posted this? It would be more helpful as stated to bump your old thread so it makes searching this forum easier. It isn't fun to have a bunch of redundant threads. BTW, if I was near you, our speakers would be gone. Very nice. Have you tried Craigslist?
  11. Yes, you better. They are up with some of the cables I have seen in the latest rags. If you hang on to them for 20 yrs you would be able to call them vintage.
  12. How would it help picking them up? Where are you at? Do you expect someone to package and ship them to you?
  13. Precisely why I say use what you have. If those pictures are of the k-horns to be redone, unless they are really ragged, they should be reused.
  14. Good Advice. Unless you are going to pair the RP160Ms with subs 100% of the time, then you might be satisfied with the 160s. The 150s are too small for that sized room.