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  1. Use a good rubber treatment but don't get it on the paper cone. It wouldn't hurt to use this periodically.
  2. Precisely why I stated that. Careful with what you hope are in the boxes.
  3. I am referring to the actual driver configuration. You are correct there are a lot but a number of Heresy 1's don't have k-77 and k-55v for the driver complement. Need to be careful of the cut over to the other midranges if you really want to seek out that specific configuration. An aside, to me the IIs sounded more balanced. Forte's still if you want any bass.
  4. Good luck finding that configuration anymore. Most have the newer (non-k55v) mid. To me the Forte or HII is more balanced.
  5. KLF-30 is great the way they are. Some tightening up on the cabinets, and possibly tweeter diaphragms, you should be good. You can do the woofers and such but the problem is you may or may not like the outcome. BUT you've already done the investment. Too late. Change the tweeter if you must and brace the cabinets better, then decide. Cabinet bracing is a game changer. If you put in the new woofers, you will still need to brace the cabinets....
  6. KLF-20 is a great speaker. Could use some crossover work to clean it up or if changing to a Ti diaphragm, require fixing the crossover between the tweeter and midrange since Klipsch designed the KLFs to take into account the natural roll off of the mids. You do want to know what you are doing when replacing anything. Different may be better or worse. Depends on your room, equipment, and EARS. @Deangwill take care of you if you've discussed the changes with him.
  7. Would love to have one of these: https://www.stereophile.com/content/technics-su-r1000-integrated-amplifier
  8. Those woofers definitely don't go with that vintage of domes.
  9. Tough to come by. Killer little speakers. I have a pair in black, excellent. Will ponder selling them. Nicer than the newer versions since they have real wood veneer.
  10. Had both in same room for a long time. Kept the KLFs. I like the deeper bass and more filling sound. If you don't look for low end bass or have a set of GOOD subs, then the LaScalas may suit you. Both have their own sound.
  11. 62.95 for a pair is maybe close. Still pretty steep for an ugly upgrade?
  12. Don't forget to rotate your seating position.
  13. You will typically need a serial number of the failed speaker to order parts.
  14. Why would you think any of them would be an upgrade over KLF-20s? Said nicely, a "not too smart" move would be to get rid of the 20s, other than maybe for aesthetics. Now if you are playing with tubes and you like tight tuneful bass , if the amps are not of very high power and damping factor, the KLFs may be tough to drive. If you are not worried about it then the KLF20/30 are one of the tough to beat Klipsch speakers.
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