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  1. That fits the small folded horn thread title
  2. Yes went into a house here and saw this open area above one of the walls in the living room. After a better look, I realized the whole side wall, about 4 feet from the ceiling was a horn. It was a good, well made convex shape on the bottom and sides (exponential?), fairly deep, extending way into the next room. I'm not sure the home's owner really knew what it was other than a nice embellishment to enhance the looks.
  3. pzannucci

    Possibly WTB T12 ballasts

    Ditch the fluorescent and ballasts. LED and you will likely never have to replace them in your lifetime.
  4. pzannucci

    Wanted RB-75’s. Maybe RB-5’s

    RB-5s are very good speakers. They can hit much harder than RP-160s though 160s are very good and maybe provide a little more sparkle.
  5. pzannucci

    Klipsch RP-160M cracked bottom

    Glad they will work out for you, cracked base (or lack of) and all.
  6. pzannucci

    Klipsch RP-160M cracked bottom

    Glue, Glue, Glue using some clamps. Most of it will go away and with a little touch up, should look ok. As long as no drivers are messed up since it looks like it got pushed off a stand. Great little speakers though.
  7. pzannucci


  8. The info is much appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Am I reading that correctly? You had to add 7db on the lower end of the heil but dropping the output around crossover of ~900? Would inversing the polarity work to pick up some of the distance change?
  10. Sadly, can't leave well enough alone. Just as jwgorman gets convinced to go two way.
  11. Tell me about it. I decided to pull the trigger a few hours ago. Not sure why because I have a pair of Aurum Cantus G1 ribbons sitting in a box and other high end drivers laying around. The Heil's always had an allure since I heard the AMT-1s back in the mid 70's. For the price, a no brainer (if you don't have piles of stuff)
  12. The UL listing ensures a certain level of testing for short circuits and voltage to insure you don't get electrocuted. Most small amps use an external PS which will be rated.
  13. pzannucci

    Ciare's HW321 woofers installed in klf-30

    Based on what I was able to find out about the parameters in that article, the KLF-30 box is quite undersized for k-31 woofers Based on the FS and VAS along with sensitivity I remembered, the box was not optimal other than for aesthetics if you wanted the best out of them. Put that together with the Ciare woofers and which is better for anyone's end game? I don't know because I haven't heard them but give the k-31s some breathing room and I bet they would do better. Based on the SW321 parameters, they wouldn't be much farther off.