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  1. Perhaps wrong color text? Try swiping the text to change the color with a highlight.
  2. pzannucci

    RP 8000 endurable peak

    If your meter is saying 150 watts, I would venture to guess clipping peaks are much higher than that. Many times this is the problem. Called clipping. When you hear distress and distortion, turn it down. If there is bass under the cut off of the speakers (which many movies do), the woofers will "unload" and can move excessively causing damage. Be careful with the bass volumes when trying to run movies that likely have a lot of sub bass.
  3. pzannucci

    Frazier Symphonetta

    Probably the right thing to do, nothing. Use them for mono in two different rooms. How much better could you do for a bluetooth speaker with a little BT amp.
  4. pzannucci

    Frazier Symphonetta

    So in the ported version, there are no remains or anything that looks like something was screwed down like the dog house was removed under the fiberglass? If not, definitely mono units which were in transition.
  5. Yes, a reasonable price. I did have a hard time with my Murano Audio monos (which I decided to keep) with the same B.O. modules for $1100 though these have the Bel Canto name which may help. Even though, a killer set of amps at the asking price. Run very cool compared to AB and are quite liquid. My REF-1000s aren't going anyplace and these in in a similar class. Tanks with great, very liquid sound. What more could you want!!
  6. pzannucci

    khorn bass bin solution??

    Enclose the backs for more correct bass and get them on the floor. You will definitely need to complete the top to make the bass more correct.
  7. pzannucci

    Frazier Symphonetta

    Those are probably from the mono days. They both may be correct. Judging from the slots, Frazier was working a lot with "Helmholtz resonators" (slotted ports) and those look quite clean. Not sure it wasn't some transition from the factory but no clue. I would modify to the one that sounds better in your room if you want to make them equivalent unless you can find that the slot loaded one has remnants of the original design (would it would have to) under the fiberglass. Gives you some options.
  8. pzannucci

    KLF 20,s vs 280fa

  9. pzannucci

    How to make the RP-160M come alive!

    You might want to use something like DATS or woofer tester to measure the impedance. Using a cap could cause some issues with the resulting circuit since you are effectively bypassing the inductor as the frequency goes up. If a 12db per octave with a cap paralleled with the woofer, you would need something more for resistance on that leg of the crossover with the parallel cap.
  10. pzannucci

    How to make the RP-160M come alive!

    Yes, I just wanted to make sure that people reading the post understood that very little power goes though that parallel cap as frequency goes up due to the inductor. Just like folks label zobels as power suckers and robbing efficiency which isn't really correct. Too much information is just thrown out and not understood nor thought about. As far as free schematic software, it looks like digikey has something online. https://www.digikey.com/schemeit/project/ Little funky how it works but has tons of symbols.
  11. pzannucci

    Over 5000 Posts

    I'm not sure we (I) can call it kickin anymore. Aching maybe more like it. EDIT: oops wait, I'm only 25.
  12. pzannucci

    How to make the RP-160M come alive!

    @Hello, BTW, a steeper slope would be nicer to provide a better midrange as you are correct in noticing. Probably can't reach the proper price point doing that due to more crossover components but would probably make for a much cleaner presentation since I know those drivers are capable of more.
  13. pzannucci

    How to make the RP-160M come alive!

    OK, well I must have been mistaken when you said "shunt all that sound to ground is never a good idea" and I said everything, meaning something substantial is going through the circuit, as sounded like implied. Based on the reactance, that shouldn't be much power as the impedance of the combined circuit should be way up. You need the cap to establish the proper knee and slope of the curve to get rid of the ringing. So you do want to get that woofer out of the way of the tweeter so you don't have that noise in the way.
  14. pzannucci

    Over 5000 Posts

    That's called "lurker".