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  1. pzannucci

    La Scala Split Project

    Doing it the right way. Nice.
  2. pzannucci

    Forte II vs RF-83 ??

    Price is relevant to the year. Forte II was back quite a few years (ended in 1996) from the RF-83 to inflation and margin creep kicks in. Forte III (not drastically different from the II) is $3600. If you can find any of the Klipsch Heritage at a good price, if you want the experience you can buy it. If you really did get them at a good price you can always sell them and not loose any money. It's just your time. To me both would be keepers.
  3. pzannucci

    A question

  4. pzannucci

    Klipschorns For Sale

    As in Real Estate, Location Location Location, has to match price.
  5. Cornwall III should have the Forte' III horn. Makes little sense to use the Heresy horn with that woofer. Price of entry on a Forte' III is to high but a Cornwall with the Forte horn I might bite. I'd probably still choose it over the RF7 types. La Scala with a 510 really get me thinking.
  6. Reasonable advice. You can get better sound out of much more costly components (last 10% for 5 times the money) but from the wattage side this is correct though @rebuy has a point, get something with some current drive.
  7. pzannucci

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    Not all source components and amps sound the same. I would recommend lots of clean power with the capability of doing tight bass. Components that are bright need not apply. The thing that is little understood is efficiency doesn't mean everything and is not the end all. Component synergy is the key.
  8. pzannucci

    Will Fortes sound better if...?

    Most of the time but not always. Much better if doing 2 channel to move away from receivers.
  9. pzannucci

    Heresy II's, worth what they're asking?

    The stands look like junk but if the speakers look as good as they do in the pictures, they are worth the asking. I know you could turn around and sell them for the same, quickly, if you don't like them. If IIs even better.
  10. pzannucci

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    No actual reviews of Heritage though: - La Scala II semi reviewed by Sam T - Made recommended components restricted lf class A - Palladium P-39 reviewed and loved- Made recommended components restricted lf Class A - Palladium P-17b reviewed and loved - Made recommended components restricted lf class A Seems focus is on newer style speakers but Klipsch had made a presence. Not a terrible showing.
  11. pzannucci

    Look what the cat dragged in..

    Oh my..... Yes dinner at minimum. It's one thing to drive down the road and get them but 5 hrs. It might be a birthday present but you are definitely going to need to top that on hers. :-)
  12. pzannucci

    Foam board speakers / exciters ???

    Companies are selling hidden speakers this way. The speakers can be items you wouldn't typically think about like pictures on the wall or other items.
  13. Both if possible will make a dramatic difference.
  14. May not need the recap. I would get the tweeters in and see what you think.
  15. pzannucci

    Sunn speakers ??? Khorn copy ???

    If anyone was serious about checking out those speakers, first two odd items is a1.2khz crossover with a k55 mid. Why not a good two way design with a proper driver that can be used from 1.2khz and up? Just a start, and not to mention the little $330 profit.