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  1. That's perfect - chaos. It helps reduce standing waves and increase the diffusion.
  2. It'd probably help to post a jpg or png picture. Windows needs addons.
  3. I like that, good bye Ti for the mid. Hopefully poly sounds as good as phenolic.
  4. Caps are the typical starting point. The sky is the limit on pricing. It will be a fair amount of experimentation and cost to find out if you like the "better" version or not.
  5. Also think of the first cap in line as operating against the highest impedance because of the devices behind it nearer the driver. The driver as the lowest impedance. Higher impedance requires the smaller cap.
  6. You will doubtfully be sending 110 watts to those speakers. Plus music isn't a continual sine wave of sound. It has peaks and valleys. Not continual. None the less, unless you crank the volume control into a distortion prone area with a large room or like to risk your ears, you won't approach 110 watts continual. That of course doesn't mean you won't hit 110 watts on transients but those transient peaks should be far and few between. Matching the output of an amplifier to the input capability **continuous** of a speaker is useless. Many times what manufacturers put as continuous isn't worth relying on. Listen for distortions and your Sony will let you know, turn it down if you hear untoward stuff.
  7. Specs for the speakers are "Up To" and considering how loud it gets with just a few watts, unless you are in a big room, 100 clean watts is more than adequate. The times you get in trouble is when you start adding with EQ or other controls. That requires significantly more power and since it may be hard to tell when distortion kicks in, things start to break. Slightly insane loudness in a moderate sized room is capable so I wouldn't be too worried.
  8. Yes, Heresys can rock, just not with the bottom end that Cornwalls can.
  9. Two different animals. Depends on the size of your room and your lust for big sound. Both can be very good though. Way up from what you have now.
  10. Yes, have to agree. The knowledge shared during the discussions, particularly technical, was very good though some were thought to have stepped over the line.
  11. Next best thing to Social Media. Don't think the internet in general has gotten any better. BTW, Trolls are going to be Trolls.
  12. If the Onkyo has multi-channel with the right number and types of connections, appropriate features and conversion you want, enough power, then it should. If this is a long term purchase, make sure it satisfies your long term goals (more than 5 channels and proper connections and decoding).
  13. I have heard this also but never experienced it. The 4BSST is supposed to be a fantastic amp but may be a little too "matter of fact" though I wish I had one anyway 🙂 As far as power, you use what you need. I am currently running a set of Forte IIs with a set of BelCanto REF-1000 monoblocks. They put out 1000w into 4ohms so it just matters on the throttle.
  14. I myself like the phenolic vs Ti. The new Cornwall moved back from Ti, possibly for making a lower crossover point easier by design. Others may like Ti.
  15. I always look to see that they are talking about an item I am selling. I don't even respond when the use words like "this", "it", "item" etc. 98% chance that is a telltale sign they aren't referring to anything you are really selling, but scamming.
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