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  1. Wyred4Sound Mint, Schiit Audio, and a bunch of others for sure, somewhat more inexpensive.
  2. go to one of your posts / threads, go to the bottom and enter your discussion or click the top right "Reply to this topic" button. The same way you replied to me since the forum pushes you to the thread for a response.
  3. Why are you not using one thread? You now have multiple threads for the same subject. I would suggest that you keep things together.
  4. Why are none of the coils mounted on their sides to avoid the mutual inductance? They will definitely interfere with each other as close as they are unless one is perpendicular.
  5. Won't rattle from the midrange horn. Take the horn out and make sure the driver is screwed tight and screw the horn back into the front panel tightly (not overly though as it is plastic with wood screws).
  6. Doesn't need to be big. Quality and quantity. https://wyred4sound.com/products/integrated-amps/mint
  7. Post some pictures as you do this. A great experience for everyone.
  8. Dog house is empty. Enjoy the cuts to make the point on the front of the horn mouth 🙂 What you see is what you get.
  9. As I build a lot of DIY with high end parts, I don't see anything there that would make me think he is trying to recoup parts cost for that price. Additionally you can state exaggerated sound claims but don't state bogus specs. That just points out that you are looking to dump the items onto someone who is not knowledgeable in the subject.
  10. Right, it is a horn and doing about what it can as a horn..... Most low bass characteristics will be based on that principle.
  11. I have the original Bel Canto Ref 1000 and I believe they have the original IcePower modules without Bel Canto supplied buffers. D-Sonic, when using the IcePower modules did have an input buffer to make them easier to drive, particularly with tube pre-amps. You may want to contact D-sonic or look on the forums as the difference. Lastly, verify what B&O's specs are. I believe their datasheets have specifics on input impedance and voltage. This may be helpful though not your specific modules - http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/tested-wyred-4-sound-sx-1000-and-bel-canto-ref-1000-mk-ii-monoblocks/
  12. You should go back to the specs and validate those folks claims. I thought the icepower amps had a reasonable input impedance from the specs but are not the easiest to drive as they need the full 3.6+ volts (seems even more to me) to push them to full output. This leaves a number of pre-amps out because they can't drive the amps.
  13. Very possible since the two woofers will require some power to likely make you happy. I also don't like it when products mention 1Khz as the wattage spec. Start with the Denon and upgrade later just remember any sound of stress, particularly if you are trying to push bass heavy information, turn it down or you will likely cause yourself some trouble.
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