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  1. Yes, went with the XSP-1 since I had a dual sub configuration. Moving it to this configuration soon.
  2. Most open cell egg-crate foam, like cheap mattress toppers, works pretty well. Also folded polyfill for like blankets and other crafts (Hobby Lobby/Joanne/Walmart). Adjust amount to suit. I know my first KLF-30s I tried the "more makes the box bigger" to try and extend bass. It killed the bass. Try differing amounts. The bass wavelengths are usually too long so you wouldn't necessarily be absorbing the low frequencies but changing how the box acts and the reflected higher frequencies. Many believe that the % increase of the box size is more with sealed vs ported cabinets and from the speakers I have built and tuned, it really depended on how the box and woofer behave as a whole. An old pair of Paradigm Studio monitors I had (original before Studio 100) had barely any open space in the bass reflex cabinet. With that cabinet and Vifa dual 8" woofer combination, was very punchy and the extension trounced k-horns that sat next to them. Measure and listen. See what actually works with the combo. Don't kill the life of the speaker trying to gain extension.
  3. How did you end up in the Garage Sale section? Picked them up at a Garage Sale?🙃 BTW, Welcome to the forum. Enjoy them. 12-36" is probably good depending on how big the room is and how much boom you want.
  4. XPS-1 is made for that setup... throw away the OCD self. You aren't going to hear 2hz 🙂
  5. Added mainly to stop standing waves and internal box resonances. That piece really doesn't do much for pretend increases in box volume.
  6. If I was trying to guess and wanted real numbers, I would put a good 8ohm inductive load resistor on the taps and measure with something like woofer tester or DATS. You can extrapolate the numbers at each tap based on the change in impedance.
  7. Yes they are over thinking it for audio frequencies.
  8. It doesn't play full power through the woofer. The problem is that you have not balanced the gain between the two amps to be able to have the woofer output equal the mid/treble output. You still have the crossover in place so there is no "full frequency" through the woofer.
  9. Have you gotten them yet? Hopefully you are pleased if so. They will need a little time to break in.
  10. To get punchy lower bass in a room where you have no or negative reinforcement, you need to feed the Cornwalls lots of current. I don't think 9 watts will do it, at least not for kick in the gut bass. Good class d amp on the bottom end would likely help.
  11. That is one failure of earlier Heresys.
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