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  1. Standalone DAC necessary?

    You've got the correct approach and have the right term to use if you want to hear major differences in dacs, "highly resolving". The little cubes aren't going to cut it.
  2. Standalone DAC necessary?

    Bad term yes (when you are on a speaker forum), timbre changes, very possibly. As you say distortions. Sorry for the bad term doppler but does anyone know what the error correction and dithering/reconstruction will do to the sound? Funny but I did go out and look at some discussion on the management of doppler effect within digital transmission. Timing appears to sound a lot like jitter.
  3. Standalone DAC necessary?

    Totally agree as stated in my last line. My use of doppler effect is basically timing problems which could introduce noise or timbre issues. Not in the specific mapping to cone movement but is shifts due to timing which are the same effect as moving / timing of signals. Who knows what issues are introduced due to the timing so not to discount any. Our ears will be the final arbiters.
  4. Standalone DAC necessary?

    Think possibly doppler effect, sync problems that may introduce noise, and variances in timbre. Each device has the ability to recreate / approximate for missing and data timing. Will that be correct? Yes, I believe you are correct though, the largest issues will be born from the analog sections. That's why many chips, like ESS build in a fair amount of the analog into the chips. Stops vendors from messing up a good thing if they choose to use the onboard electronics. If not, they can make the analog section better or worse.
  5. Need Help Understanding Audio Resolution

    Oh and look up Nyquist if you are trying to understand resolution. The more bits in a particular time period should allow you to better approximate a sine wave (analog) at a given frequency.
  6. Need Help Understanding Audio Resolution

    You will find out with DACs, there is no "Significantly worse" or better. Just a little different unless the electronics are very low end. It also depends on your listening preferences and your required conversion protocol. I used to switch back and forth between my Denon 3910 and AVM-30, both with very good dacs, and depending on the music, each would be slightly different. Better, I'm not sure which. Hook up a cheap DVD player and it was more readily apparent though not as dramatic as people would like to sell you on.
  7. Just ordered RF-7II, did I make a mistake?

    If people always thought every speaker was perfect for them, then there wouldn't be a resale market or the hundreds of folks on this forum that tweak their speakers. Speakers are very individual and rarely does anybody say I love everything about my speakers and I wouldn't change a thing. Now let me stop visiting the Klipsch forum and listen to the music for the rest of my life
  8. Standalone DAC necessary?

    Depending on the speakers, going separates with a dac can make a vast improvement as long as you are updating the rest of the chain. If you are just plugging the dac into the receiver, not so much when you get to $1K range of receivers. Also, with a dac, to get what you need you would have to get one with HDMI from the sounds of it. Not an easy task and again, the best gain is separates with the dac, not plugged into the receiver. NOW, if your receiver had main in bypasses and the dac had a built in pre, then..... too many variations and you'd probably miss the flexibility that a receiver provides.
  9. New brand and forum

    First article I came across on the AVR2600 is the lackluster audio performance. If that means bright and thin, that would be a terrible match for your speakers. You need warm and fill with lots of drive out of the amplifiers. Something like a lower end Pioneer Elite or something but I am biased. The Pioneer D3 seems to be a reasonable match for Klipsch's horns and presentation.
  10. Just ordered RF-7II, did I make a mistake?

    You have to achieve a price point, that's why (good, bad, or debatable). I am one that many times does think Klipsch is not perfect out of the box. They are pretty good but Klipsch does give you a great platform (for a couple of bucks) to customize to your liking. Very few speakers have the efficiency and components that will allow you to do that at this price of entry.
  11. Supergate and powergate max release date

    Ok, same as the Europe show. Nice looking units. So when is Klipsch going to release them? I had seen discussion on them a long time ago.
  12. Supergate and powergate max release date

    Looks like Klipsh had show them in Europe. Haven't seen anything in the US. Klipsch employees would need to chime in.
  13. Standalone DAC necessary?

    Depends on how far up the food chain you want to go. A good DAC / preamp with better amps will make you wonder why you have been using your Denon so long (provided your speakers are up to it).
  14. Supergate and powergate max release date

    Not English - translated http://www.areadvd.de/tests/special-ces-nachlese-diese-audio-produkte-von-klipsch-jamo-technics-sony-onkyo-polk-definitive-technology-und-altec-lansing-waren-interessant/ Klipsch Powergate Max For $ 999, this extremely cool looking, superbly processed device appears. It is a streaming stereo full-amplifier, which is Klipsch Stream-compatible and has a USB-DAC.Only the best is used for the D / A converters. Klipsch uses 192 kHz / 24-bit DACs from ESS. 2 x 180 watts get rid of the proud owner of almost any power supply.Powergate Max is a true multitalent: Bluetooth is on board, you can connect a record player, a TV or a PC. Powergate Max would certainly be a hit in Germany. Klipsch Powergate Powergate comes at 499 EUR and is also an integrated Klipsch Stream Stereo Amplifier. 2 x 100 watts, 192 kHz / 24-bit DACs, Bluetooth. Also suitable for direct connection of record players, TVs, and PCs. Klipsch Supergate ($ 399) Klipsch Stream Controller, which converts any analogue or digital signal for multiroom streaming. Similar to Heos Link and Yamaha WXC-50.