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  1. The Heresy IIs with subs is an excellent choice. Heresy IIs are a favorite.
  2. Show us how they turned out. I find Tung oil done right is very nice with a deep luster. On the oak it should provide some needed protection too.
  3. RFs are not built quite as nice as the RPs and the RPs have a better high end and smoother. You should listen to both (in your room if possible) to make the determination. You may actually like the RFs for the price difference, depending on the size of the room and the electronics.
  4. Wow, is that what I can get for my 2003 Mazda B2300 with 101k on it? I have to think about that. Great small truck for anyone close enough to snag it. GLWS!!
  5. Yes, or use angle iron or I-beams in aluminum or fiberglass framing. Not near as easy or inexpensive but won't eat up the space.
  6. Here's where some of the measurement tools from Parts Express comes in handy.
  7. This type of bracing would be my preference though some reduction on the meat of the H framing would be appropriate. Make it excellent an fitting frame to avoid the cleats and use a lot of glue to avoid too much volume loss.
  8. Do some searching on this forum - no data but...
  9. TL is notoriously less efficient than a horn so you need to figure out how to eq the two without blowing up the woofer to get the appropriate balance.
  10. My assumption is as the Chorus I moved to the Chorus II, the better midrange horn opened up the mids compared to the smaller horn. I would assume three things - Ti tweeter is sweeter, midrange horn based on size should provide a more life like midrange, (I've always though size no matter what the cut off had a lot to do with the perception), and the ported bass will be more punchy (as long as the cabinet is tightened up and new port design). The rear passives are good for extension but there is still something to say about front ported bass though of course depends on proximity to wall. Assumptions... would be nice to see if I am correct and if so, the CWIV should be a very nice speaker, checking a lot of boxes for a lot of folks.
  11. Best way to do it if you can't compensate with the crossover between them and the sub. You may compromise a little punch but it depends again, on the crossover. I did the same thing since my RP-160Ms sit on top of short stands I built and a set of R12SWs.
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