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You can't take the avr out of the picture.  I have been using Pioneer Elite avrs since 2011.  The auto eq has a feature call front align.  It will match the other speakers to the Mains.  I use an RC 64 with RF 7's and RF 7 II's and no timber problems.  A good question is does Chris have enough room for that large a center and will it look right with the other speaker?  Since I have had the RC 64, I have not given a thought to getting an RC 64 II.  Most of the Reference line will sound fairly close to each other without auto eq.  This may change when mixing different lines of speakers.

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That's why I suggested the SC-3.  It's in the same line ancestrally.  The RC-3 II is a performer, but it isn't so much of an overperformer that it should kill his towers.  Actually, it should be a perfect match since the 3's weakness in the lineup was due to the towers overpowering it.  I'm willing to bet heaps that it'd be that gentle half step between the Syngery/Icon and the Reference.  That being said, it's operating mono right now while I work out some new speakers on another system, and I can hardly recognize its sound compared to when I was running it as a center.  There's some serious bass, and the response is smooth as can be.

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