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High Pass Filter for Titanium Midranges -- Recommended

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I put titanium midrange diaphragms in my Forte Is a while back.  While I liked the added detail and separation, I noted some fuzziness and harshness in many recordings.  Finally I decided to try the band pass filter which Bob Crites designed to deal with the titanium midrange's higher range.  (The phenolic midrange rolls off before the tweeter kicks in: the titanium keeps going for a few hundred hz more).  I ordered the boards, inductor coils and capacitors from Parts Express: I already had some solder and a soldering gun from my last project, recapping a pair of DLKs.


Arranging the caps and coils was not difficult: I even managed to solder the point-to-point wiring without burning anything down.  Crimping the end connectors on was actually the most difficult part: I've got a stripper/clipper/crimper combined tool which resulted in multiple terminators being insufficiently crimped and sliding off.  But at last I got everything together and installed them between the squawker and the crossover.  The results were impressive: gone was the distortion I had noted before and in its place was crystalline clarity.  If you are thinking about adding titanium midranges I would definitely recommend building this filter and installing it.  If I can do it so can you, and it's definitely worth the effort.

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The link in the OP has the parts list: each filter uses a 4 mH inductor coil, a 500 uH inductor coil and a 1.5uF capacitor: you'll also need a large hole perforated crossover board, wiring, crimp connected terminals (2 female terminals and two fork terminals), solder and a soldering iron.  It took me about 30 minutes to put them together and a few minutes more to install them between the crossover and the midrange driver.   

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These are the parts I used:


Dayton Audio 4.0 mH 18AWG solid core inductor

Dayton Audio 0.5mH 18AWG perfect layer inductor

Dayton Audio PMPC 1.5uf 250v Precision Audio Capacitor

Blue Perforated Large Hole Crossover Board 5x7 (pair)


I am not sure I used exactly the right parts but it sounds fine so I'm not arguing.  Going forward I might use an air core inductor instead of a solid core as I've gathered some audiophiles think the iron leads to distortion.  (If it does I can't hear it: the sound is much better than without them).


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