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Cornwall III's or Forte III's??


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On 5/16/2017 at 8:50 AM, jjptkd said:

Have you considered buying a Palladium sub? I've never heard one but know that the older RSW / RT line of subwoofers are very musical and would probably blend better than the new subs.


I'm a fan of big power amps, even if only a few watts get sucked of the top most of the time. I've never had the P-37's but did have the smaller P-17's for awhile and they certainly needed a lot more volume to get sound out of them, probably more than any other Klipsch speaker I've owned.


 I use to joke around about being able to run my old Chorus II's with an alarm clock radio and probably rarely put more than 4 watts into them but to really crank them up and push them it took about 300 watts. They sounded extremely good with just a few watts but I needed a lot more to get that chest thump feeling out of them.  

P37's sucks up the juice for sure.


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I know this is an old post, but curious as to what you ended up doing. I have P-37's, Forte II's and KLF-20's.  I could not be more delighted with my P-37's.  They sound far better than anything else I have heard.  I am picky about well blended bass/subwoofer performance, too.  The room itself has alot to do with it, in my limited experience.  I agree with those who suggest figuring out the issue you have with your P-37s, and sub in that room.  In my room, I experimented alot.  I moved the sub in several different positions and could never get what I wanted with the sub up front (In my room), but it sounds great in the back of the room.  I moved speakers all around the house.  Speakers that sound good in one place, don't work well in another, etc.  I'd don't think the Forte III's could ever replace my P-37's (don't know, I have never heard the Forte III's).  I'd work on the P-37s and that room.  BTW, I have had great success with Audessey room correction as well.

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