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2.2 System Help for HT


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So, due to display size and stand size, big center is out. 


I need advice on what Klipsch models would have good dispersion and sound nice in a 2.2 HT (10% 2.2 channel music) at louder volumes. I know RF7-II's are def an option, and then there is Heresy III. The area does have dual 15" high end internet direct subs already. The two Klipsch would set on each side of the display screen (screen is 68" wide), and the subs would be outside the Klipsch so they would not be far apart. Listening range to speaker is about 10feet.



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1 minute ago, teaman said:

I have my Heresy HI-SM set up right now in a 2.2 with a pair of subs and my Panasonic 60 inch plasma and they sound fantastic. I would think any of the Heresy series would work well.






Thanks. I have Reference series sound experience, but nothing with the other stuff like the Heresy line. I know the reviews say the Heresy lacks bass, but I would prob cross at 60 or 80 anyways, I have bass covered. They are running about $400 cheaper a pair right now than RF7 II's. The little slanted bass is a cool idea too. 

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