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Yes another Yamaha rf-7 ii ?

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jacoviii    0

Ok so it's time to ditch the HK 340. My local shop is pushing Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1070 they say it has a fuller sound then the rx-v line and will not sound too bright. I was leaning to the Onkyo/ Integra. I heard about the HDMI issues and the first thing out of the local shop was they dropped the Integra line do to it.  The new AVR will be running RF-7ii  , RC62 , S1 and RF62  

I do not have a sub as of yet.  I will probably buy from accessories4less  looking to stay @ $650 or less at there price not new in store MSRP.  The room is 18x 25 vaulted vaulted ceiling 11ft  

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The History Kid    1499

Not many receivers have 0-risk of HDMI issues, not sure I agree with the dealers decision there, but the RX-A1070 is a solid performer and should serve you well.  They are correct in stating it will provide you better results than the RX-V line too.  A4L is a good choice, and I'd highly recommend it.

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willland    1725
4 hours ago, jacoviii said:

The other units I was looking at are

Onkyo TX-Rz710 or RX-Z810

INTEGRA DTR-50.3 or 50.4


Those look like fine choices also.



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