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How do I Buy a New Sub Amp for R-112SW


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Hi All,

First time poster. I am having a hard time finding either a place to have an Amp plate checked out (repair) or finding how to just buy a new plate for my R-112SW.

I'm having a slight (annoying) hum in it and its overly loud at times. It still works but not correctly, when I disconnect the hum goes away. I have another Brand new R-112SW connect to the same sub cable and no hum so it has to be this sub Amp. Any help on a good place to contact would be much appreciated. I'm in the Plano, TX area so some place close would be good.

Can anyone help me decipher my S/N. Like how old this may be. S/N 106070014520230.

Thanks. KN.


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you should call or email klipsch tech. they will be able to answer your questions. the last time I called about one of my older subs they sent me to a repair place for klipsch items. but I thought they were to high on prices. you can go on eBay and look up klipsch sub amp repairs. I found one that does a flat rate for repairs.

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