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Looking for replacement ear pads for Image One headphones


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thanks for your comment. Since you are a Klipsch fanatic (if the alias is not irony), I would expect that the real competent guys of Klipsch will reply and provide outstanding help for their valued customers. Not sure if this is irony now.

Anyway we are waiting and hoping.




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Hi all, I share your FRUSTRATION with this company. Yes, I'm yelling. Any way, just wanted to say that I've found Scan Sound 80mm Teardrop shaped Leatherette Headphone Ear Cushions. By reports that are a tight fit with the image one. I haven't purchased yet, but likely to. The original ear cushions were RUBBISH. Wore out very quickly with very little use. Apparently CHEAP material (something to do with oils drying out). These headphones were originally purchased for my wife as a Xmas gift.


Since then I have bought wireless u-jays. AWESOME product. Also purchased extra ear cushions from them, partly due from fear that they would suffer the same fate. They still look good after 6 months of normal wear. Bought a second pair as well for myself.


I did like the sound out of the Klipsch, but their customer support is LACKING BIG TIME. Hope this reply helps someone... It's been a hard slog just to find this website.


Regards, Paul

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.53.14 AM.png

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"Have you tried contacting Klipsch customer support by opening a ticket @ http://support.klipschgroupinc.com ?

If not, I'd suggest that. Our Customer Support team will let you know if there are any of those available and how to get them, if so........"

The Administrator here wrote this.

This did not work for me. I am still waiting for a reply, 1 month later.

No reply, and still no information on how or where to get replacement ear pads for the STATUS headphones.

My email:


Do something.




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