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I need help identifying what set I have


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Thank you dtr20, I looked on the back and you were right about the model numbers.

The floor standing speakers are KG5.5, the bookshelf speakers are KG1.5, the center speaker is KV3, and the subwoofer is KSW-15.

 I’m trying to sell them (including a Sony Receiver and a Sony 100 CD Changer) and I’m having a hard time finding the right price to sell as a set. I listed the whole package, including the Sony items, for $800. I have had multiple offers for $400-$500 but that seems too low for Klipsch speakers of this craftsmanship. Am I way off? Would I be better off selling them individually?

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The kg 5.5 are worth between $250-500, kg 1.5 are worth $50-150, and the kv3 is worth $40-100, guessing the sub $50-150, and guessing the Sony gear $50-100. Kg 5.5 are the top of the line towers, pretty sought after. Probably wouldn't hurt to sell separately. Selling on sites like audiogon, US audio mart, or eBay can get higher sale prices (minus fees).

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I am having the same problem, i.e. identifying exactly what product I have.  I know it is an older (10 yrs?) 10 subwoofer but there is NO model number on the back.  A photo is attached. The only numbers that appear are: (not all same area) LR106476...or T.2.OAl 250V and 120-60 mhz 2.0A  I assume it is the first but the website provides no information on that number.  The manual that came with it only says "Synergy"...no other model numbers are evident.


This has been a great Sub  but has recently developed a sputter...suggesting a cone is going or gone. My question is whether or not a sub of this type is worth repairing or should I be grateful for the years of use and move on!  It's a heavy sucker...that's for sure.


Any help would be appreciated.

Klipsch SubWoofer 10in.jpg

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