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Bozak - Never heard of it, but close to me and less than the others I found

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Bozak speakers [almost] never give offense.  They are quite beautiful sounding.  I think they have sensitivity in the low to mid 90s.  At one time, I had to decide between the Bozak Concert Grand and the Klipschorn.  Obviously, I picked the Klipschorn, but it was after hours and hours of listening; it was close, even though the two sound quite different.  The Klipsch will be a bit more In-Your-Face, but in a good way.  Dynamics seemed better with the Khorns, as did the sense of reality and the there, there.  Is the one for sale a 3 way?  Bozak had a very sweet midrange speaker and tweeter.  The cello sound was wonderful.  The Klipschorn was more Takete, but with fullness and power, and the Bozak was more Maluma, but with clarity.  Stereo magazine (an annual published by High Fidelity) gave the Bozak Concert Grand, the Klipschorn, and the JBL Paragon their highest ratings.


See below the black rectangle for a picture of Paul Klipsch and Rudy Bozak discussing loudspeaker design.


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7 hours ago, codewritinfool said:

PWK talks about that photo right here (already primed to the exact spot in the video):  




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