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Low pass filter components

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Typically NPE's are used here due to the physical size & cost of the values. I have started to use Dayton* caps in there place where room allows like this last ALK network I Jul completed. In this case the schematic called for 33uF & 18uF caps so price wasn't too bad but in building another forte II OEM based network it requires a 110uF cap. Looking at Erse, Dayton & Solen I went and checked Jantzen CrossCaps and was surprised that the price was a bit better.  So here is the questing, when staying with in the factory designs is it even worth going up to "cheap" poly caps?


*Dayton = Dayton, Erse or Solen ..etc class caps

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So, is it worth it to use a 110uF poly for $25+ x 2 to replace the regularly use NPE? CrossCaps are $25 (100uF + 10uF) or Erse $28 (110uF) or even Dayton or Solen at even higher prices? Looking to budget about $20 a cap (4 x 2.0uF & 2 x 1.5uF) but this has an another issue of it's own with the limited choices for the 2.0uF units.

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