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Where did the jump to button go??


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I used to use it a lot to hop quickly from one forum to another without having to return to the home page - now I cant find it.

Strangely I thought I saw it a day or so after the forum was modified - but not a sign since - then again maybe it was the wine...

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Why you.....

What the.......

How the.....

Where did that........

Am i losing me.......

OK - to quality - it appears to be here on the posts but not on the list of posts for each section and I am sure it used to be.

Of course if I do back there now and the button appears I am gonna feel pretty sick. Keep yer coffee - I need Scotch!!

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Your loyal Webmaster made these changes while you weren't looking. Feel free to comment on other adjustments needed to make this version of the forum even better. I have already requested that the thread be visible in the "reply" screen.

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