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KPT Crossover Question


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I'm going to edit this and open it up a bit...


I am mostly interested in the smaller KPT-310-M/KPT-902-M but they aren't mentioned/talked about a whole lot so if you have any of the KPT mono speakers (KPT-310, KPT-325, KPT-902, KPT-904, KPT-942, etc.) and it isn't too much of a bother, could you possibly take a couple pictures of the crossover for me? Top and bottom. I am trying to compare the general architecture of the networks in these models.



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Ok...  well I ended up answering my own initial question but I am still curious about the other variation... It would appear that the 902, 310, 325, 942 & 904 are all built on the same board or where when this piece was made. Kinda surprised by how basic it is?!



KPT 310 N2 (1).jpg

KPT 310 N2 (2).jpg

KPT 310 N2 (3).jpg

KPT 310 N2 FRONT.jpg

KPT 310 N2 BACK.jpg

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Ok, so over time I have ended up with schematics for the 310, 942 & 904. I would still like info on the KPT325 if any one has one? I'm pretty sure it is identical to the 904 but has an additional resistor to pad the HF output a bit (2 or 3 ohms). 

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