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Are You Strictly Tubes or Solid State?

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As Dean so aptly said...yes.   I have both tube and SS and enjoy both.  The often religious-toned discussions about tubes versus SS, analog versus digital, interconnects and speaker wires, etc, etc. Frankly have left me bored and uninterested.  I have enjoyed exploring playback technology both vintage and modern, it’s a fun hobby.  I finally settled on a rather mundane system which lets me enjoy the music.  Could I get back on the rollercoaster of searching for better reproduction? Perhaps.  But as long as I stay focused on dancing around my living room and enjoying my music more than thinking about the equipment I probably won’t be making any more hardware moves.  Enjoy the music any way you choose,  playing with tech or listening to the music, whatever works for you is fine, enjoy!  Warm regards, Tony

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