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ProMedia 2.1 - THX vs non-THX


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1 hour ago, espacioshop said:

I know this has been a long time, but since I'm buying the bluetooth version, I had to find out and I came across this review, and I think it answers the question.



I read it too. It appears correct.

Any questions for the forum?

Welcome!  @espacioshop

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i've had my Promedia's for almost 7 years and they've been wonderful but one minor gripe I had was the convex dustcaps which get pushed in VERY easily and I learned this because a couple of years ago I took the grills off and saw that one of the dustcaps had been pushed in which baffled me because I had no memory of doing this and I don't drink a lot. I know it doesn't effect the sound of them it just looks shitty and hurts their resale value so I pushed in the other one so they at least matched. I guess others have had the same problem because in subsequent iterations of the Promedia's it appears they have concave dustcaps

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