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Musishare X5 EL-34


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Bought this amp about 2 months ago, and love it!!  I absolutely love the sound of this amp, I just feel that I need a bit more power with the speakers I am using it with.  I just bought the X7 which is a KT-88 amp.      The build quality is truly second to none!  Best paint job on any amplifier I have ever owned. Any anomalies in the pics are either from glare from the paint job, or the metal flake gloss finish. Like a deep blue metallic.  Not a scratch, and perfect in every way!!   Gorgeous sound,  Point to point wired, very good parts quality.    There is nothing about this amp that is not to like.  I would love to keep it, but can't justify 2 amps.  Easiest amp to bias that I have ever owned.  You don't need a meter, just set to the correct tube, and adjust the needle to the center of bias range. Takes about 45 seconds to do them all.  Holds perfectly, and I only had to adjust once.   35 watts ultrlinear, and 15 triode. You can really hear the difference between the 2.  Switch is on the front.  Shipping on this is almost 200, and takes about 3 weeks to get it.  Site that I bought it from says a week, but its not.    I will ship at my asking price.  Original box, manual, and remote.  Everything is in perfect condition, even the box. Comes with beautiful tube cage also!   600.00 shipped, and I live in California, 93619.   Perfect amp for horns, or Klipsch,,He he!    Regards,,jon









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Hi, wondering what you think about your Muzishare? How do the x5 and x7 compare with each other? I’m thinking about purchasing and trying to get some real feedback. I’m using with Cornwalls

thanks so much for any observations, Ted 

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