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Freebie - Rega Planet (needs pickup) Offer Closed

Audible Nectar

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I have a Rega Planet CD player that needs a new pickup. I'll send it to you, or any repair shop you wish in your name as owner, if you pay the shipping and want to have it repaired (guessing I can do this for about $15-20). Built like a tank and too nice to waste, with a laid back analog sound that many here might appreciate.


Representative pic of the unit here, I'll post pics of mine if desired when I get a little time. It's in good shape - just hate to see such a well built machine trashed/wasted.


No remote with this one. It has an "eye" for those with universals that accept Rega codes IIRC.


http://www.audiocostruzioni.com/r_s/sorgenti/rega planet cd/rega-planet-cd.htm

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I had a Planet that had the pick-up wear out. It uses a Sony pick-up...I found a junk Sony CDP in storage that used the same pick-up as the Rega.

Swapped it out, and it worked great again. I do miss the top load feature...Sony KSS 240 is the number if I recall.



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