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MiniDSP NIB $50 shipped.

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Well, plans change.  This brand new unit is available to forum members in 48 contiguous states for $50 shipped.


The second photo shows how far I got.  Never connected anything to anything.  The motivation for the change of heart was the music in the excellent PBS Ken Burns Country Music documentary.  My reasoning follows below.




My wife only comes into the basement man-cave to watch sports (which she loves) or shows involving music.  The HT consists of an Onkyo AVR driving 5 DIY Fostex FE103 bass reflex single drivers.  The four DIY Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs are typically not hooked up for HT viewing  The bass from the 5 single drivers is adequate; we’re not into explosions, earthquakes, etc. to enjoy films.


By definition, single drivers are time aligned.  The imaging from them is superb.  The placement of instruments and the localization of female vocalists can be spooky real at times.  It was that time alignment which I sought to replicate in my music system, which consists of two DIY “Super Heresys” powered by a DIY TI TPA3255EVM class-D chip amp driven in balanced mode by one of three Pono players as the source, preamp, and DAC.  The four TH subs are powered by a pair of iNuke1000dsp class-D amps.


I’m thinking that balanced is the explanation, because, IMO, my music system images as well as, if not better than, the time aligned single drivers.  It’s difficult to compare apples to apples playing balanced versus single ended through the speakers, due to the need to change amps, etc.  It’s relatively easy to compare single ended to balanced using my Sennheiser cans.  The universal preference in a blind comparison is for balanced.  The comments consistently describe imaging, depth, and a perceived width of soundstage beyond the headphones.


It seems logical to expect those qualities to remain when replacing headphones with speakers, especially in a relatively near-field situation.  Therefore, I’m done chasing unicorns.  I just want to listen to the music.  My friends and family already think I’m nuts, so no more tweaking of a system that blows me and them away as it is.




Contact me if you’re interested in the MiniDSP.  As shown in the photo, a power supply and volume pot are included.




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