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Heresy1 ore 2 in my 5.1 set up?


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First of all..sorry for the type errors i will make.

Ok..I own a pair of Lascala's and for my 5.1 set up i use a RC3 for center and the RF3 for my rear.

Nice,but not the perfect match ofcourse.

Here is my first question:

-Will be the Heresy for center and rear the best(payable) match for my lascala's?

-And second..i have seen 2 pair of heresy's for sale.

The heresy type 1 and the heresy type 2.

Which 1 will be better?

The old type? (heresy1) ore the newer type (heresy2).

I hope someone really knows the answer.

Thx and greetings M.H

(sorry..i now see i have asked it in the wrong topic)

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Don't worry too much about the topics. You will probably find more people in the 2 Ch who know more about the Heritage line than in the HT threads. I understood your question.

I have owned both the Heresy 1 and Heresy 2's over the years. I don't think there is any difference in sound. You would be fine using a 1, 1.5 or 2 model.

Now, you do realize that another LAS would work best for a center? The K700 series squawker in the Heresy will be a bit smaller sounding than the big K400 series of your LAS. Sorry - I just HAD to add this. I have spent a lot of time working on my center channel.

The Heresy will sound gazillions times better than the C3 you are using now.


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Thx for the reply.

Well,another lascala would be nice but unfortunally it wont fit in my room :)

Secondairy it is to expensive for this moment.

But i saw 2 pair of heresy's for sale for around the 650 .

I think it is a fair price.

The only thing whas i didnt knew what whas better..the first ore the second heresy type.

But now i know that it wont make any difference.

Thx again..and i will let u all know when i have bought them.


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Very difficult to pinpoint with your ear the differences in Is and IIs. I actually mix the two in my setup. The best I can say is the IIs 'seem' to have a smoother mid sound and I can localize the bass better. But trust me - that is me being as anal as possible. I am very happy with the mix.

My answer - either should work well for what you want to do.

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II's by far, age is always a standard for comparison with speakers of klipsch , id choose a II over a I anyday, ok which-one is better, II's are a good thing but better, like for instance, with the chorus's I's were vented with ports forward driving, II's were vented via passive woofer @ rear,

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Heresy and Heresy II will both work well. But Heresy, with the exception of the last years (1983 and 1984 or so), is a better timbre match for a LaScala than a Heresy II. The Heresy has the same tweeter and squawker driver as the LaScala. The Heresy II has different tweeter and squawker driver. The timbre is very close, but not as good a match. The last few years of Heresy production had a similar mismatch becaused of a switch from the K-55-V squawker driver to the K-53-K and K-52-H.

I have Heresys all around in my HT system. At one time the rears were late model Heresys with K-53-K. I replaced them with earlier ones with K-55-V because I noticed a difference in midrange timbre.

Will any of this make a difference to you? Depends on your ears.

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Thx again for all the reply's

I just recieved a email from 1 of the heresy's owners and he told me that his type (the first type) has the originall alnico magnets.

And he has also rewired the speaker and modified the filter (thats why his speakers are a bit expensiver then the other).

This makes it a bit harder to choose.

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