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Heresy as Center? On its side. Horizontal or Vertical mid/tweet?

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I have Heresys for L and R. and currently KLF C7 as center.  What if I get another heresy and make a longer, slimmer cabinet  to lay on its side. Do I put the Mid and Tweet Horizontal beside the woofer or vertical?    


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A KLF-C7 is not a great match, though I used one for a few years. 


Brother did this with Heresy parts.  It works well.  I'm sure he will give you his design/parts list. 



I use a Heresy on its side above the tv held by a tv wall mount.  The crossover is similar to my modified Type AAs to match my La Scalas as much as possible.  Being on its side make the center more directional and fools your ear into thinking the sound comes out of the screen.  So, if you need to put yours sideways, it will be fine. 



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Keep it vertical or your off axis response suffers a lot (i.e. for anybody not sitting right in front of the centre speaker)…..




Traditional centre channel speakers are even worse....


The folly of a horizontal centre channel speaker - RP-250C measurements

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