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I met PWK one time only.  It was approximately 1975 in Lansing, MI at a demonstration of 3-channel hosted by The Stereo Shoppe of East Lansing.

After the very enjoyable demonstration, PWK was kind enough to speak with me.


I asked him why the Heritage squawker and tweeter horns are mounted to the rear of the motorboards, rather than flush at the front.  “Doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference,” was his reply.


I next asked him about the history of licensing patented designs to Electro-Voice, Brociner, etc.  He explained that the inability to monitor and control the quality of licensed products made him uncomfortable associating his name with something Klipsch didn’t make.


He suddenly asked me if I know what a patrician is.  Before I could reply that it’s an E-V speaker, he said, “A patrician steps out of the shower to take a leak.”   The members of his entourage rolled their eyes.

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