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Downsize and Upgrade Question


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Hey guys, here is my setup and a question or thoughts on the plans:

I have a traditional 5.1 setup and most of my stuff dates back to 2002. I have been out of the "audiophile" loop and am completely out of touch.
RF-7, RC-7, RS-7
SVS 20-39PC+

I push it all with a Rotel Amp/Pre Amp combo.

But, we are planning a remodel of our living room which will open up the kitchen and living room meaning I am losing the left rear channel speaker. So, I am thinking of selling those and replacing them with some ceiling speakers and am not in a position to upgrade to an Atmos receiver. But, never having heard ceiling speakers, and not being sure what do with insulation and yadda yadda yadda, it makes one a bit weary.

My wife wants shorter speakers as part of the remodel. So, I am planning on downsizing from Klipsch RF-7's to hopefully Klipsch Forte's, from the SVS 20-39PC+ to hopefully dual SVS SB3000's and the Klipsch RS-7's to the ceiling speakers if I can wrap my brain around it. Any thoughts on a 5.1/5.2 system utilizing rear ceiling speakers. I am looking at the Klipsch CD5800's.

The room is about 16' wide and 13 1/2' deep currently, which changes greatly when the wall comes down. Then the width will include the kitchen, hence the need for more sub to accommodate more room volume.
Thanks for any feedback you give.

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11 hours ago, derrickdj1 said:

Ceiling speakers should work very well.  I have in-surround back in-wall and and ceiling speakers.  They work great and replaced other Klipsch speaker that were not in-wall.  My only regret is not doing the change earlier and saving some money.

We have a single story house, so my ceiling speakers would be in an attack. Not sure about yours, but the owners manual for the CD5800 did not address boxing them in or what to do about insulation, I am curious about your thoughts.

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