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  1. If I message you one of the graphics, would you judge the complexity of it and know what you would charge?
  2. In the for what its worth department... I'd like to be counted among the "and others" for that cinnamon coffee cake and we can call that even! 😀
  3. That is a great point. Ownership is the key. I do want to be fair. Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. I hope he needs more than my contribution to retire! 😀
  5. I had a guy that is a member of the church I pastor design 3 variations of the same logo that I hope to use in publishing and for personal application. We never discussed price and when I asked him what I owed, he said whatever you think it is worth. So.... now I am a bit stuck. I ran a google search and it looks like the going hourly rate for freelance work in my area is around $27 an hour. Does anyone have any experience with this that can guide me? I'd like to pay him for his work, but I don't want him to think I am lowballing him, but don't want to break the bank. I was thinking $100.00. Thoughts?
  6. The Legacy Journey by: Dave Ramsey
  7. I have had two versions of the Denon 3900, they are so tempting because they are designed to do everything we want them to do.... but they are an epic failure. Don't throw good money after that turd. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Both of my Denon's ended up in a landfill and that was is what they are made for. You miles may vary.
  8. So, I was also always the one people came too for advice. That says something about you. Wise, trustworthy, good listener, kind, compassionate, good/big heart. Those are all positive character traits that have a side affect. Hopefully mixed into those character traits is a willingness to be honest when being honest means correction and having to be stern. The side affect is, some people mistake kindness for weakness and take advantage and it stings the tender hearted, which can lead to hard heartedness. As much as is possible, my advice is to guard the tendency toward hard heartedness which becomes skepticism, but at the same time, learn to set healthy boundaries with those who hurt, take advantage of, and abuse your kindness. Boundaries are for your protection and the protection of the relationship. Loving others through service, which includes being a good listener, is more than a positive thing, it is important and healthy for all parties. I'd suggest a book titled, Boundaries: When to say yes How to say no To take take control of your life. https://www.amazon.com/Boundaries-Updated-Expanded-When-Control/dp/0310351804/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=boundaries&qid=1628427317&sr=8-4 I hope this helps. Part of my calling into the ministry was the preparation process of being one of those who people came to for advice. Everything is part of the process of becoming, God wastes nothing.
  9. Foxman

    crypto currency

    I am a newb to crypto, but I go through coinbase.com
  10. Very sorry for your loss
  11. Foxman

    Old eyes

    I have been wearing glasses/contacts for 41 years. When as a 6th grader I could no longer tell what the score was on the KC Royals outfield scoreboard (Which is huge), my mother knew something was up. With each passing update in strength it never ceases to amaze me how big of an improvement the update is. As @dtel said, it creeps up on you unaware. At this point, I should be able to see into the future with my prescription.
  12. While I have not used Audyssey, I do run DIRAC live. From my understanding these are correcting for room reflections (extreme oversimplification), which I would think, would have less to do with timbre. That said, with my setup, my DIRAC Live is built into a MiniDSP and I would be able to control some of the tonal qualities through the DSP for each channel if chose to, but that would probably be beyond my skills.
  13. @001 His is one of the youtube video's I have watched at least part of. That is the one that keeps showing up. I posed this question in another group and it had one Cajon player who did not suggest the front port. Otherwise, this seems to be a very niche instrument. I just need to go and play around with them.
  14. I have not listened to a CW-IV, but for my Forte III, I settled on B&K Sounds CSC-1 and the timbre match is uncanny. However, I am aware there is a pretty major difference with the CW-IV. Before the CSC-1, I tried a RC-7, but there was a noticeable timbre difference.
  15. I posted these in the photography thread, but I'll post here as well. This is a yellow female English lab about 4 1/2 months and then an American Silver that sometimes smiles for us. His picture is a screen shot of a video.
  16. My wife and I are thinking about purchasing a Cajon for the church we serve at. She is the pianist/keyboardist, our oldest plays guitar. I can carry a beat, but probably not good enough to play drums. In the absence of a true drummer/Cajonist, I am thinking I can play a Cajon well enough to provide a rhythm. But, I am a total noob. So, if you are familiar with these, based on my level of knowledge and the usage for this instrument, what would you suggest to purchase? This model keeps popping up on my browser searches, but I'd probably deal with a local guitar center or music store rather than Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Meinl-Percussion-Snares-NOT-China-Walnut-SUBCAJ5WN/dp/B00HV7U49W?tag=cajonmaster02-20&geniuslink=true
  17. My sons female chocolate lab (Beretta) had a litter about 4-5 months ago. This is a yellow female we kept (Kimber). We have a silver also, (Remington). The silver sometimes smiles, this was a screen shot of a video.
  18. I didn't know you could buy used stuff on Amazon. Hmm, that's interesting. Ive got a 100 or so DVD's id sell if anyone wants. A small handful of games as well.
  19. Foxman

    Kids these days

    Old or not, I don't think that is hyperbole. The attention span of an average person has dwindled to nearly milliseconds in part to the ability to access so much information in such a short period of time. The ability to have a rational conversation, or any conversation that last more than "Hi" is slipping away. Of course, as we star at our screens reading this and lament, we are also falling into the same patterns and routines.
  20. That RSP is a beast. I wish I wish I wish I were in a position to take that off your hands. It would be a huge upgrade from my ancient RSP which is nearly 20 years old. GLWS
  21. Youthman did do that comparison and he chose the RF7III's based on 2 channel, in that specific room because he wasn't planning on running a sub and the 7's had better/more punch. However, my issue was with the vocals that were much more accurate with the Forte than the RF7's. But, to be fair and to your point, mine were the original 7's and I have never compared either the RF7ii's or 3's.
  22. I had RF7's for years for my HT until I decided to purchase some used Forte 2's to hear what all the fuss was about. You cannot un-hear the difference that a dedicated mid-range driver makes with the accuracy of the vocals. Once I sat down with an SPL meter and A/B compared those Forte 2's to my RF7's, that was all I needed to prove what I thought my ears were telling me. The RF7's (IMO) exaggerate the vocals and once I compared the two speakers, I decided on the spot to part company with my beloved RF series. I ended up selling the Forte 2's for a new pair of 3's because I preferred the newer finish, but if I had the room to go all heritage for my HT I wouldn't think twice about it, I'd do it.
  23. Working on this post grad thing. I have an obnoxious amount of books I have read for this, am reading, or started and sat down. I am reading these currently.
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