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On 11/24/2023 at 9:40 AM, jean pierre laroute said:


Maybe good news. I desoldered the MC908AP8, It doesn't appear damaged, I must have a short on a component. I also noticed that the LM7815CV suffered from the heat.



Hey Jean Pierre:


Thank you for reaching out about the size of the text. It is way above my paygrade and tech ability to tell you, other than it looks like you are copying and pasting from a translation program. 


I just resized your text, in Google Chrome browser, I hightlghted the text, went up to "size" at top and resized to 12 size font. Hope that helps:



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@ngen33r  I have a Klipsch RSW-15 that appears to have a bad amp.  I replaced the woofer with another sub-woofer and it exhibits the same behavior.  (occasional output is heard and woofer is intermittent).   I removed the amp and can ship it to be serviced.  Are you performing repairs or can you recommend someone to repair?  Thank you

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Hello all! I have a SUB-10 that blew the input filter caps which I replaced and got the amp to turn on. Now the subwoofer output is very low and distorted, similar to Bman on page 9. I don't have access to a scope. I'd like to save this amplifier and can ship it out, same question as IT Johnny, looking for a recommendation on someone who can repair it.

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Ik ben in het bezit van een RS10 Klipch-subwoofer

in de volumeknop zit een krakend geluid, is dit probleem op te lossen of te repareren

heb hem al een keer naar een reparatiecentrum gebracht die al 40 jaar bestaat,en die had gezegd dat en niet aan onderdelen is te komen

nu is mijn vraag of hij vervangen te repareren is

mvg peter s

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