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Advice and suggestions needed - KF-26 tweeter blown


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The tweeter of 1 of my floorstanding speakers Klipsch Icon KF-26 (Purchased in 2015) has gone bad. I needed advice and inputs on a replacement tweeter.

  1. Where can I find a replacement for it? 
  2. Should I be replacing the tweeter of both the towers?

Would appreciate any inputs/suggestions.




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Arggggg ! 😜


Perhaps try directly to see with Klipsch factory, he will certainly tell you which speaker to put.


You can also dismantle your speaker to see if there is a label and note the reference, the search will be easier.


Otherwise, I'm not American so I don't know the speaker exchange directly, but they seem to have your speaker, ask them to find out if it's good.




Good luck 😉

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If you haven't already I would try contacting Klipsch directly and see if they can advise you. I had an issue not long ago with a faulty woofer on one of my RP-240's and they sent me a new replacement free of charge and it was at my house in 2 day's. I had it changed out and back on the wall in about an hour.

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On 2/4/2020 at 1:46 PM, kitchie said:

@mustang_flht Thanks for your input! Simply Speakers was not able to help - They did not have any matching speakers. Does anybody have experience with "The Speaker Exchange"?


practically the same thing ,both are online stores that sell aftermarket stuff and sometime even the originals , they both sell pretty much the same stuff -

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I have done business with Speaker Exchange several times in the last few years. 100% approve of their prices, professionalism and customer care.

I had a bit O Bourbon Saturday night with some friends and got a little carried away with the volume knob twisting. Sadly melted my tweeters out of both Klipsch icon kf-26 tweeters in my kitchen / Living room. Happily, the system in the media room escaped my idiocy! 


Speaker Exchange has no tweets for my towers. Searching elsewhere.

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