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K-76, et al diaphragms shipping only


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One pair of Klipsch phenolic tweeter diaphragms as used in Heresy 2, KP-201 and many more Klipsch tweeters that followed the EV T-35/K-77 tweeters, which they DO NOT FIT.  They work fine.  They will be shipped in the plastic boxes in which the Crites titanium diaphragms, which replaced them, arrived.


They will be yours for the cost shipping. Send a PM with your ship to address, including Zip Code; I’ll send you the shipping quote.



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Sorry to report the diaphragms are kaput.  That surprised me as they’ve been “safely” stored in the plastic boxes from the Crites titanium tweeters.  It seems they were dead when they were taken out of service.  Apparently, my memory of them testing OK was faulty.


At first I suspected the DVM, but resetting it and confirming it’s operation measuring  a 5.6 ohm resistor verified the DVM works and the diaphragms do not.


I should have verified continuity and resistance before creating this thread, rather than relying on my geriatric, and apparently faulty, memory.


My apologies to @hatrack1971



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