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RF-3s (i need opinions, suggestions, etc)


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well i'm getting pretty sick of my Fisher STV-649s

i got them free, they arent that painful, but i'd certainly like to upgrade.

right now i have a Maranetz SR4200 reciever, its very nice.

Looking around, it seems like RF-3's would be good for me.

The setup would be subless for a while, due to budget issues, which leads me to wonder what kind of bass response will i get out of them?

Also, how far apart do they have to be for optimal soundstage reproduction? how do they image?

are there better options for me?

i dont want to press much past 600-700 dollars

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jas, sounds like a good choice for you, especially w/ a marantz (warmer sound imo).

the imaging & stage are nice w/ mine out in the stereo listening lounge. some may call me nuts, but i found when i bi-wired them it noticably improved their stereo imaging.

any way you could get some home to demo w/ the marantz there?

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Bass response will be very good with those -- don't sweat it. Just make sure you leave 18 to 24 inches of open space behind them so the activity of the ports aren't compromised.

They'll image great, better than most speakers. They can probably go 8 to 10 feet apart (and toed in), and still maintain a very stable center image. 8 feet apart, and you'll want to be 10 to 12 feet away from them while listening.

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yes, my maranetz definity has a very warm full sound to it... i love it :)

brb i'm going to go do some measurements in my HT room...

ok its 12 feet across total so that would put the RF-3s about 8 feet apart. as of now i'm a sold 12 feet back from the speakers... but if the RF-3s are 8 feet across shouldnt i be 8 feet back?

oh and any chance they're magnetically shielded?

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on the subject of tweeters, or i mean distance. my listening area is a little odd about 16 by 14 my fronts and all electronics are located along the long wall, so i end up about 10 ft from the front channels, how far should my rf 5's be spaced? currently that are about 13-14 ft apart, they sound great, but would respacing help them sound better?12.gif

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Well, technically they should be 10 feet apart. I would try it for a day or two and see how it sounds to you. But it sounds like your aleady pretty close to the right position. And horns do have substantially larger sweetspots opposed to domes. But, whatever sounds good to you. Dont let technicallities spoil your listening experience.

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