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Surrounds for Atmos


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Apologies if this has been asked / covered before (if so let me know the thread so i can read through!).

It seems all the Klipsch surrounds (unless using a bookshelf) are wide dispersion.

Are these ok for atmos? i know atmos specifies using direct channels since it's object based. 


the reason i'm asking is for my new basement build there may not be room to mount by current surrounds (RS-35) to the side wall as it would inhibit some walking space.

I may instead have to use in-walls (at ear level) for the surrounds (and may put the RS-35 as the rear surrounds if my RF-35s are too space restrictive).


For the in-wall i didn't know if i should go with the 5800 (direct) or the 5650S (which has wide dispersion tweeters). or any other reccomendations?

if directs are supposed to be used all around then i may have to just sell my RS-35s and use the funds towards the in-walls and keep the RF-35 in the rear or replace with direct in-wall.

but if they are ok perhaps i use them in the rear and sell the RF-35s.


 want to try and figure this out while my walls are open so i can build backer boxes.

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technically the most correct solution is direct radiating / monopole speakers for Atmos.  Dispersed surrounds work fine though, especially on the sides.  There was a big pushback when Atmos was first released and they finally relented and said it was ok.  Technically speaking though, ideally it's monopoles at the same height as the mains.  Atmos specifications are easily Google-able, I'd try to read up on the guides from Dolby.  

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i have read them, but the klipsch surrounds are kind of in-between direct and bipole.

I noticed sometimes when i've set them up if the woofer is at 90 degrees the sound actually isn't that great since the tweeters are pointed so far way from the listener.

I feel they don't necessarily sound best when following dolby guidelines and actually need to be set further back so the tweeters are aimed at the listeners and are more useful for multiple rows of seating or setups without rear surrounds. they've actually performed best for me when used as rear surrounds since it then spreads the rear across the entire listening row.


maybe i'll do the 5800w for the sides and use the RS-35 in the rear.

this would also probably be better for 5.1 channel SACD music

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