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To Atmos or not? Need some opinions please


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Hey there guys looking at possibly getting some atmos speakers to go with my system. My current system is RF7iii's and rc64iii up front with an Emotova XPA3 running them. Running RS62ii's for side surrounds off of a denon 4400h. And a SVS pb13 ultra. Now I am currently looking at possibly adding just the fronts for now since I dont have a wall in the rear and dont want to hang them either. Later on I will get rears if needed. So my question is is it worth going with a pair of Atmos speakers up front? I was looking at either the r-41sa or the rp500sa. Looks like between the 2 the 500's are the better speaker. But any opinions would be awesome. Thanks as always.

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I was using my RP-140's on top of my front towers for awhile (as reflection) and could tell a difference with them on and off. Just experimenting I have hung them on the wall directly above and behind them about 6 inches from the ceiling and can tell about the same amount of difference with them up there. It probably has more to do with the room than anything but I will leave them there for now. It really didn't take long to do it so I'd give it a shot if you like to tinker around with everything a bit like I do.

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