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Audiophile Fuses. What the...

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On 8/2/2020 at 9:44 AM, Alfredo said:

Let's hope that these hi-end fuses will work as intended in case of over current. 



I guess we could say the same about the 25 cent fuses.  Isn't that the purpose of a fuse.  Of course, having over-designed them. The fuses may be too busy clarifying the sound to serve their primary purpose.


Hey! That could be a quote about my ex-wife!


So I'm thinking of buying the $9 audiophile fuses available on ebay.  Problem is, will I be buying a cheap knock-off or the exact same fuse under a different name and packaging as the $400 fuses.


I've decided is what this Forum needs is a deep pocketed philanthropist who could provide us with  the wherewithal to buy all this stuff, actually open it up to see what's actually  inside and go from there.


Any richies hanging around here?  PM me, or paypal me if you please.

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On 8/1/2020 at 1:20 PM, thebes said:

...hell. In all my years in this hobby I had truly never heard of such a thing until today. However, after a little googling it appears there are lots of them and they can cost up to several hundred dollars.   Forget cables. Apparently what's truly needed is a hyper-expensive power cord attached to a special audiophile grade wall plug, but that is not enough for true sonic bliss. You need a copper, bronze, gold or ceramic fuse to lift the veil from the music.


Here's another odd thing about them, many require that they be installed in one direction only.  I never realized electricity flowed in one proper direction only, because I could have sworn that the juice flowed from positive to negative, or visa versa if you have a two prong plugged and simply switch it around.


So has anyone played around with these fuses, and is there any rational at all to using them.


A poorly made fuse could conceivably cause AC irregularities, but any decent fuse should do the job. Buying boutique fuses is for those with too much disposable income.

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On 8/2/2020 at 8:40 PM, babadono said:

I need them to retrofit Hoover Dam with solid gold wire in the generators and then replace all cabling to my home with platinum wire. I guess silver would be Ok.

i don't know about that one. Silver tends to be a little bright for my tastes.🙂

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