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Please Help!!! Belles or K-Horn?????


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I want to buy a pair of Belles or a pair of K-Horns but I don't know the sound difference between the two. Their are no dealers in my area that have them so how do I decide???? The k-horns I have heard but they are $5k and a pair of the Belles are $3800. I would like the K-horns but I think they are too much money and they won't fit my place. WHich to buy???? I have Krell equipment (KAV-250p and KAV-250a) and I am VERY concerned about bass. I heard that LaScallas don't go deep enough but I have never heard Belles???? WHAT TO DO!!!!???? Please let me know if you have heard them and what the differences may be compared to the K-horns and/or LaScallas..


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The Belles are going to sound very similar to the La Scalas. In fact, the Belles are meant to be a "more cosmetic" La Scala. The K-horns will be superior to the Belles and La Scalas in the bass area. However, in order to use K-horns, you have to have the proper corners. If you don't have the corners, then the Belles would be a better choice. If cost is an issue, the La Scalas are cheaper than the Belles.

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If you are "concerned about bass" you will, in my opinion, be disappointed with either Belle or La Scala unless you're using a subwoofer. Both roll off rapidly below 50 Hz, and even corner placement (not best for imaging or midrange smoothness) will only reinforce that so much. La Scala and Belle surprize a lot of people - they are physically large, imposing looking speakers, but the physics of horn loaded bass is such that they don't have much more deep bass than a typical "mini monitor". The bass they DO have is very dynamic, low distortion, very articulate sounding bass, but it doesn't go deep at all. I have an REL Storm I use with my La Scalas, and without Storm I'd be a very, very unhappy camper.


I tried a KAV300i integrated with my setup, and while it sounded tee-rific, the volume control and gain conspired against me. The La Scala are so sensitive that even the lowest volume setting (on step above full mute) on the 300i was way to loud for use late at night, or anytime I didn't want to rock the house. The KAV series have an electronically controlled attenuator, and at the lowest end of its range the steps between volume levels are quite large. Be absolutely certain to listen to ANY heritage series speakers with your Krell before you commit to the purchase, or you may be in for a nasty surprize. You AND your neighbors...



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