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Klipschorn top hat questions

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Picked up a pair of top hats, not sure how they got to be alone. While i have the Belle, and have had Khorn and Lascala in the past, the Belle (modified 2" mid horn) and Cornwall are my current. I see a few sets of numbers on these, one set for the horns, and i think one the top of the lable may be a serial for the system not sure. Ive browsed the serial number data but wanted someone to state the likely year for me as well,  as im a bit confused. 

  Tops are matched walnut, and they do have the spacer on the bottoms of them. K55 v mids. 

   Any help in identifying the era appreciated to help confirm my findings. As well as any idea what i might do with these without a bass bin. 

 1. I wont be making one

2. Ive had the Khorn and loved it, but its gone and i dont want another set. 


 So im looking for suggestions on how to implement these WITHOUT using the stock bins.

 Thank you all for your time,






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