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Klipschorn - wall length


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Does the uninterrupted length of wall extruding from the Khorn's corner matter?  How long should they be?  Do longer flat walls translate to deeper/louder bass?


I have windows close to my corners, wondering if these are inhibiting / altering the bass any.  Surprisingly I don't hear rattles.



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Great looking speakers. Here is simplistic answer - the walls and floor (to a degree) form the last fold of the folded horn and thus contribute to the size of the aperture. So yes, plain walls that extend out 6 feet or more from the corner would be ideal. As for deeper or louder bass, I would think of it in terns of balance between the drivers. 


That said, a sub-optimal room with great speaker is better than a perfect room with poor speakers. 


I've had my k-horns in small rooms, with false corners and currently in a room that is a tad shallow for their width. I've always found them to sound great. My realtor thought I was joking or at least a little odd when I rejected homes that were not a step up for my speakers. 



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Some people replace the glass (with double glazed,  the pane that faces into the room) with thicker glass.  I think our inner panes are 1/4" or more.  It would be best (maybe) if the inner pane was flush with the wall, not set in, without trim that sticks out.  That way, not only your realtor, but your contractor, will think you're a bit odd. 


We searched all over the SF Bay Area for Klipschorn ready homes, then, when we found we could no longer afford that locale, we looked around Oregon for good corners.  Found them!  We ended up replacing the walls of the Klipschorn room with firmer ones, anyway.


This is just a guess, but I would think that obstructions along the walls with the Klipschorn corners for 4 to 6 feet out, would be more important than a little indentation of the windows. 

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