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Replacement plate amplifier for Klipsch R-112SW


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On 29/07/2023 at 20:20, henry4841 said:

Vous avez besoin d'un voltmètre DC pour le déterminer. 

I want to know which electrical component connects to the positive pole of capacitor C-19, as well as the negative pole of capacitor C-19

Example: I connect the negative pole to GRN and the positive pole to resistor R-39

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As I said a dc voltmeter will tell you what you need to know. Voltmeter, black pin ground and then touch both spots on board with red pin and the one that is + is where the + lead of cap goes. 


Just for info, when an electrolytic cap is put in wrong it is subject to pop which will immediately tell you that it is in wrong. That or the cap will get hot to the touch quickly. A blown cap is not that big a deal actually. All techs have accidently done so if they have been in this hobby, business long. It is called sh*t happens.  

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Hello all. I have two Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers with the newer Klipsch amps fitted both are just over 2 years old and the amp part of the amp plate seems to have failed. I have tried the same repair as detailed here on the forum with no success. My question is: do I get replacements amp plates from Klipsch, buy other brand plates? Or buy a crown XLS to run the subwoofers ? 

What have other people done as I know the Klipsch amps are a common issue in their subs. I did reach out to Klipsch support but that was useless, I was just sent a list of Klipsch dealers. 
Thanks in advance.

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