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Drivers: K22, K53 & K77------->K28, K53Ti, K107Ti; CWIII Xover - K53Ti ,K107Ti Level reduced 3dB by RME DAC



                                                      Internet Stations
2010 Mac Mini                                          |
Ripped CDs, Downloads                          |
MinimServer V2-----------DLNA/UPNP--LAN--Yamaha WXC-50---RME ADI FS-2----NAD C160--------|---B&K ST2140----H III
MinimStreamer                                                                                                             / Yamaha CX-2--|---------------R115SW Sub
Pioneer PLX-1000                                                                                                                 |
Denon DL-110/DL-301/                                                                                                        |
AT VM540ML-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Not much really. The K22 woofers were replaced with K28. The original K53, K77 and Original crossover left alone inside. The K28 woofers directly connected to Binding post which is fed by the bass Section of New Crossover.


I had originally just placed the new mid and Tweeter Horns on top the cabinet since the Motorboard of H1.5 is not compatible. I liked the sound stage with the raised Mid and Tweeter so I decided to make a top section cabinet.

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The Bass improvement with K28 over K22 is significant. There is more mid bass warmth and more fullness. Overall I find these awesome. I have had so many "so called" auidiophile speakers but none let me enjoy music like these even when I am in next room. I like this even more than my Cornscala I built 12 years ago.

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